saturday shopping vol 14.

Not much is going on for me this weekend, so I decided to work on this post all day instead of doing school work- HA! Retailers are keeping it coming with the spring new arrivals. I'm seeing lots of pink, pastel blues, ruffles, florals, and more! All are so fabulous! You can either click on the corresponding link below or click on the product directly in the graphic below the links. 

1- white bow top // 2- tweed skirt // 3- pink dress // 4- pink pullover

5- white ruffle skirt // 6 - wicker flats // 7- tweed jacket 

8- scallop sweater // 9 - blue hoops // 10 - sneakers 

11- pink bikini top, bottom // 12- pink trench coat // 13- pink ruffle skirt

14- floral bow white dress // 15- blue pinstripe sleeve top // 16- floral cutout top 


*DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission anytime you purchase through my links. This comes at no cost to you. 

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