15 spring essentials for your closet

Spring weather is slowly approaching and with that I am looking for spring essentials to add to my closet (plus some fun items for the season!). Spring fashion used to be my hardest style to nail down for some reason, I think partly because the weather is so unpredictable and also because my skin tone favors deeper, gem stone colors like you see in the fall and winter. So spring clothing usually is not my fave, but I am really trying to up the game and hop in on those fun spring trends such as florals, ruffles (I mean I'll never turn down a ruffle), pastels, and even Grand Millennial style prints! Check out my 15 spring essentials that you can wear every spring!

1: espadrilles

I bought a pair of Soludos 3.5 inch espadrilles a few years ago and I wear them every spring and summer. They are seriously timeless and look great paired casually with jeans and a cute blouse or with a skirt/dress. I have worn them to weddings and even to my graduation. These wedges are super comfortable, and the tie strap makes it easy to adjust them to not slide off or feel lose. If you want a more everyday pair, I suggest getting the lower inch versions. However, the 3.5 is a perfect height for my needs

2. Straight white jeans

I used to struggle to find the perfect pair of white jeans, until I realized I needed a straight leg over the skinny jeans (and apparently my Generation believes skinny jeans are out haha!). I found a really great pair from Old Navy, but J.Crew also makes some of my favorite jeans. Find a pair that hits right above your ankle so you can wear it with flats or wedges.

3. White layering sweater

I recommend finding a light weight white or neutral layering sweater to go over dresses, blouses, or even to wear on its own. I have own from DressUp that I wear when I travel a lot because it is so easy to layer with. I also have a plain knit one with a scallop hem from J.Crew that is great to wear under jackets or as is for spring. You can also use white sweaters to tie country club style around your neck for a chic look. 

4. White blouse

I love a good short-sleeve or quarter sleeve length white blouse for spring. These go with so much and you can wear it in a variety of situations. Find one you love and stick with it!

5. Jack Rogers

My favorite sandals EVER are my classic Jack Rogers. These have been around for forever and I have a white and platinum color that suit all my needs. I think they are so classic looking and can really dress up an outfit. I am not a big fan of sandals but these I can handle! I will warn that they take some time to get comfortable, so don’t be surprised if you get a few blisters or your heels hurt for a bit in your first week or two of wearing them. After a while they will mould to your feet and be perfect!

6. Neck Scarf

Honestly this trend might be out to some, but I think a neck scarf is so classic. It can serve multiple purposes: add color to your outfit, keep your neck warm, tie your hair back, as decor on your handbag, or as a belt! I recommend finding a floral or bright patterned one for spring to wear with a variety of outfits!

7. Trench coat

So I know it’s spring and we hope it’s warm and sunny, but truthfully there are still very many cold days in spring even in the south. I recommend investing in a light trench coat that matches your vibe. I actually have a light pink one, but a tan one would be best to go with more outfits. These are great to throw over any outfit!

8. Nude Flats

Now that you can finally wear shoes other than boots, consider investing in a comfortable and classic pair of nude flats! I really love my D’orsay flats from J.Crew because it leaves more room for your foot to breath and has such an elegant look. I also love my Chanel-inspired simple ballet flats!

9. Ruffle or floral dress

Mix it up from all the drab colors in winter and find a ruffle or floral pattern dress you love! I personally lean towards ruffles, but florals are always a great option too! This can be worn with any of the shoes mentioned, and you can add your white sweater over it to keep you warm! And don’t forget a jean jacket if you need extra warmth, which I’m sharing below!

10. Denim jacket

I used to hate denim jackets until I realized how functional they were (and I found one with a ruffle on it). Denim jackets are literally timeless and can be worn year-round with just about anything. I like layering them over frilly blouses and dresses in the spring for an extra layer of warmth.

11. Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Now that the sun is sneaking its way out you need a fun pair of sunglasses! I love my tortoiseshell pair from J.Crew, but I also have a fun colorblock pair from Everrow. Get a pair you love and will wear for years to come! 

12. White sneakers

I used to wear white converse all the time during the spring! I honestly haven’t reached for mine a lot because more athletic style sneakers have been in style, but white Converse or some sort of flat arched fashion sneakers are a great piece for the spring! Wear it with a short ruffle dress and denim jacket for a fun look! 

13. White or chambray button up

Last thing- invest in a white button up or denim style button up! I recommend both, but if you had to start somewhere go for the white button up. This layering piece goes with so much, including under sweaters or long sleeve tops or on its own with a neck scarf or denim jacket. 

14. Striped tee

So I guess we are going old school preppy for this spring post, but I highly recommend purchasing a navy or black and white striped tee of some sort! It goes with so many things and is a great casual piece on days you don’t want to dress up. One of my favorite outfit combos used to be a striped long sleeve tee over a white or denim button up, darker jeans, and converse. Call that classic!

15. pastel or light colored neutral skirt

Lastly, don't forget to invest in a neutral or light colored spring skirt! I love a classic A-line skirt, but you could go for a midi style or even for those more trendy smocked ruffle skirts. I love this one from J.Crew!

What are your spring wardrobe essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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