saturday shopping vol 11

I'm still on my no-spend-on-clothes January challenge, but that doesn't mean I can't obsess over recent finds while "window" shopping online! I am loving all the Valentine's Day fashions companies are releasing, and of course I keep saving to purchase later the hundreds of athleisure pieces all over the internet. 

// what I have my eye on //

I am in desperate need of a new phone case because mine is nasty haha! I think I'll purchase one of these soon and get the pink written out name version. This entire Etsy shop as the cutest stuff so definitely check it out of you are looking for some personalized items for yourself or a friend! 

So many bloggers have shared these cute fleece pullovers from Gap! They are similar to the Dudley Stephens ones but literally at over 50% off the price of those. These come in a few other colors too! 

Queen's Gambit vibes for the win! I saw that Anthropologie modeled a few of their newer sweaters in the style of Beth from the show. I really love this short sleeve one- it would be great for layering with coats and blazers and transitioning into spring! 

// own and love //

I wanted a few more PJ sets for the winter and I am loving this black one from Amazon. I got it in light pink too, but I found it to be a bit see-through. I recommend the darker ones as they are much more flattering and appear to be higher-quality. These are under $40 so a great price compared to other PJ set brands! 

On my last day at Kendra Scott (I worked there as a seasonal sales stylist!) I purchased this stunning solid heart necklace. It's a bit more expensive than their typical fashion jewelry line, but this is a gold vermeil necklace that can last a longer time! They sell it in gold, rose gold, and silver. It's a great length to wear over sweaters and blouses! Would also make a great Valentine's Day gift (so ladies maybe hint about it *wink*)


// in other news //

I want to start adding some other items to my Saturday Shopping posts, including what's going on in my life! So for me, I moved back into my college apartment this week (fingers crossed we stay here the whole semester, but the COVID numbers in the city my college is located does not look promising!). I wrapped up my role as VP Membership for my sorority (DLAM), but now I am leading a small group for my sorority which is so fun! As a senior I want to stay connected to the new pledge class since they are the last pledge class I will know personally in the sorority. It's crazy that I only have one more active semester in my chapter! 

I've gotten back into my reading frenzy, and I just finished The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett. It's a bit slow at first but so beautifully written and a great look at race relations in the 20th century. I am now onto The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, which I am enjoy so far. If you are wanting to get into reading regularly I highly suggest checking out Book of the Month! You can select books to read each month from a curated list and purchase additional books at a cheaper cost than what you can find on Amazon (can you even believe it??)

I haven't picked up a new show on Netflix yet, but I am seriously considering rewatching The Queen's Gambit and The Wilds. Highly recommend both!! I recently did a post on fashion from the 1960s and The Queen's Gambit, so definitely give that a read! 

Is anyone interested in interior design? Since I will be *fingers crossed* getting a job and/or headed to grad school after graduation, I am on the search for affordable apartment decor. Here are some random finds!

That's all for today! Enjoy your weekend and stay safe out there! Hopefully this time next year we won't be dealing with COVID- your choices over the weekend can help decide that!

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