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Looking for the perfect gift for mom this year? Look no further! I have rounded up over 20 gift ideas for mom (and aunts, older sisters, grandma, etc!) I feel like mom gifts always fall under self-care, so I have a few self care items but also items she might never knew she needed!! To find out more about a product, you can click directly on it!

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links in this post. That means if you purchase an item from this post, I receive a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay, but rather provides me a small commission to support my blog. Please consider shopping through blogger links this holiday season as this is a great form of income for us!

// top picks //

My mom and I are obsessed with these! You heat them up in the microwave and put them on your neck to relieve stress, tension, and help with aches and pains. I use one also for that time of the month. This is one of my fave self-care items! 

Apparently these are the softest blankets you can buy! They come in a ton of colors and always sell out fast so be sure to grab one for your mom if you know she'll love it!

I use this lash serum and love it! I hope to keep my lashes staying long and voluminous, and gifting one of these is great for moms and older family members! This one is much nicer quality than many you can find at the drugstore, and it lasts a long time!

I feel like everyone already has one of these, but consider gifting your mom a kitchen appliance such as an air fryer! If she already has one, figure out another item that would apply to the recipes she loves!! 

Spanx products are on major sale right now, so gift your mother some leggings or other Spanx products! They have way more than just pantyhose now!

What are you gifting your mom this year? And if you are a mom, what has been your all time favorite Christmas gift given to you?



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