Emily in Paris Looks for Less: vol 1

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Bonjour! If you can't tell, I am OBSESSED with Lily Collins' new show, Emily in Paris. The fashion, the food, the French guys, the job- EVERYTHING is amazing. I will say the show does perpetuate a lot of French and American stereotypes (so if you can get past that cringe-y aspect of the show you'll be good to go), but besides that I think this show is just what we needed right now! Paris inspiration through and through! Now while I don't think the fashion is super realistic (Parisians wouldn't be caught dead in that many bright colors and pattern combinations, and the main character could NOT afford a new designer outfit every single day on her social media marketer salary), I still think this character is becoming a new fashion icon for us dreaming of an escape to Europe or a return to the Blair Waldorf era of headbands, tweeds, and heels on all occasions. Sound like something you'd love? Then continue reading this post (and new blog series!) detailing affordable options for all of my fave Emily in Paris outfits. And check out the show on Netflix while you're at it (insert winky face emoji here)

green peacoat and plaid
(season 1 // episode 5)

One of my absolutely favorite outfits from the show is this Chanel spring green coat with plaid accessories. Sadly, just about everything in this outfit is either designer (aka out of my price range) or sold out (such as the cloche plaid hat from Urban Outfitters). I found a couple of green coats, but I recommend checking out Poshmark or Mercari and searching "light green pea coat" or "green felt coat" to see a variety of options. I also found several plaid dresses and skirts options. Emily wore a plaid skirt and a plaid crop top, but I would wear a white or black blouse tucked into a plaid skirt if it were me. I also linked a few green/black neck scarf options, as well as two green bags to add!Emily wears a paper of magazine/newspaper print heeled booties, but you could totally get away with a paper of snakeskin or animal print booties! Check out these cute ones I found under $50

purple and navy office chic outfit
(season 1 // episode 7)

I am all kinds of obsessed with this outfit! The combination of the pinks, blues, and purples is impeccable. With the help of the website WornOnTV I found some of the exact items for reasonable prices, but I also thought I would link cheaper items as well. I found a suit very similar to the one she wore here from J.Crew, including a navy and white trimmed jacket and navy trimmed dress (just layer a top over the dress to look like a suit!) If you're wondering, the purple boots are originally from ShopBob, but are sold out! I also found some fun groovy tops that you could layer over a navy skirt or dress, with a white blouse, and then with the navy suiting jacket (so many layers!) This is also the original skirt she is wearing (I believe it's in a black color), if you are wanting to splurge upwards of $150 (I wouldn't blame you though- this skirt is adorable and so classic!) The hat I included on the cookbook is also the exact one! 

Camille's Chic Parisian Look
(season 1 // episode 5)

Ok LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. So Parisian, so chic. This is my dream right here. Sadly all the exact items of this outfit are completely sold out (wonder why??). But here are some similar pieces! I've linked some similar sheer polka dot tops, but this $8 one from Pretty Little Thing would look great over any style of plaid dress! I believe Camille also wore a black leather jacket, but you could wear this outfit so many ways!

Vintage-inspired outfit
(season 1 // episode 8)

I immediately had to screenshot this look when I saw it on the show! It's very 70s school-girl inspired and would be perfect for this fall season! You could easily find these pieces at a thrift store or in your closet already! Add a cute beret or headband to really complete this fun look!

Alright, c'est tout! (that's all!) I am going to continue posting my favorite looks-for-less for this show in the coming weeks! I hope you enjoy this series, and please let me know if there are any outfits you are dying to see!


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