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Hey y'all!

Long time no chat on the blog! It always takes me a bit of time to get adjusted to being back at college, and I, as usual, didn't pre-plan any content because I was out of ideas haha. But I have been eyeing new clothes so I thought I would get back into my blog routine by sharing tons of items I have recently spotted while browsing online! I've realized I envy comfier pieces right now: casual dresses, graphic tees, tennis skirts, and soft blouses. I included some of those items to maybe spark your interest!! Everything is linked below!

one // two // three

I still feel like it's a bit too early to start wearing fall clothes, but some of these items would be perfect to transition into your fall wardrobe. It truly doesn't start feeling like fall in Tennessee and South Carolina until mid October, so catch me in my summer clothes until then!



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