how to get voluminous, wavy hair

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I had a request recently to share how I get my hair wavy and voluminous at the same time. I literally do something different with my hair everyday (sometimes I'm way too lazy to blow dry it or even curl it) so it changes on a day to day basis. I also find that my hair gets flat very quickly, so sometimes what you see in my pictures might not what you see in my real life hahaha. But anyways, I do think I've learned some ways to maintain curl and volume in my hair over the years. 

// hair products i love //

Drybar products are my absolute go-to. I love the smell of them, but they also just do a great job at maintaining volume and texture in my hair. I like to keep my hair products simple to avoid my hair feeling weighed down or greasy. My hair's texture is probably medium thickness but it holds just about everything  I do to it. So any products can stay in for days on end. My go-to products are dry shampoo, texturizer/volumizer, and hairspray. I definitely do not use all these products at once. I recommend spacing out product use so you don't have a ton of buildup. I mainly use products when I blow-dry, style a new look for the first time, or to touch up a style if I wear it for a few days. I also only wash my hair once or twice a week. Dry shampoo and the Drybar Triple Sec product seriously are my saviors in keeping my hair looking good (and this includes not washing my hair after working out). I notice my hair and scalp is so much healthier when I wash it minimally. If you're nervous your hair will be greasy, train your scalp for a few weeks before giving up on minimal washing. Daily washing can be one of the worst things for your scalp and hair, as it strips the oils and makes your hair overproduce them. So try some new habits and be patient with your hair! 

// curling how-to //

Curling your hair properly is probably the best place to start in getting volume in your hair. I suggest using a curling iron over a curling wand. The size I prefer is 1.5 inch, but you can do whatever size you like best. I like this one from Hot Tools. It has an extra long barrel so works perfectly for gals with longer hair. I curl my hair using the clamp and twisting away from my face. I try to separate my hair into a bottom and top layer, which adds volume. But if I am in a rush I'll only do one layer. While the curl is hot, hold it in your hand for a few seconds. I'll curl my entire head and let the curls sit for a few minutes (I might go do my makeup or put on my outfit), and then I'll hairspray it and brush it out with my fingers. They key to wavier, voluminous curls over tight ringlets is brushing out. Play around with it and use hairspray to guide the curls into the place you prefer. My hair literally looks different every single time, but that's kinda the fun in it!

// volume with straight hair //

When I had shorter hair, I loved wearing it straight. To keep my hair more voluminous over pin-straight, I like to "curl" the ends of my hair by turning the straightener towards me and under. This adds a little turned-in curl at the bottom of my hair (which looks retro!). You can also achieve this by using a blow-dry brush. I then use hairspray and sometimes a teasing brush to add volume to the roots. 

In the coming weeks I will probably post a few videos either on Instagram or Tik Tok showing more detailed steps to my hair routine if you are more of a visual learner like me. If you have any questions about how I achieve my hair looks, please let me know!




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