saturday shopping vol 4

Hello hello!

This week I've determined I'm gonna put a halt to my online shopping addiction. I've honestly bought way too much since the start of the coronavirus pandemic back in March, and I really haven't been able to wear much of it at all! I blame part of my shopping spree on the start up of my blog again (as a girl has gotta have some recent and trendy clothes to feature on the blog!) but also to the fact that online shopping has been a form of therapy for me (if you know, you know). So while I haven't bought any of the things I'm sharing with y'all in this post, I still wanted to share some stuff I've found while aimlessly browsing online. There are also starting to be a ton of sales as the summer fashion rollouts are starting to end, so if you've been eyeing certain pieces or want to get some things to transition to fall, keep your eyes on your inboxes and on the blog for some sale alerts! Also if you've ever signed up for emails for me, I think my mail service account got shut down for being inactive, so I'm probably going to start doing a new email campaign soon! I'll keep you updated, but that's besides the point!!

This fun top comes in 3 colors! I love the smocking detail, square neck, and puff sleeves- all three of which are major trends this summer that I know will continue into the fall! 

I am OBSESSED with headbands right now. I've seen them all over the place (and honestly have been a fan of them ever since Blair Waldorf made them popular again), and I really want to add this one to my collection! J.Crew has a ton of these tie-knot style headbands right now so definitely check them out if you're interested in headbands. 

I love a good comfy pair of stylish shorts for the dog days of summer! These flowy floral shorts are stunning and would go so well with so many different types of pieces!

Looking for some pieces to transition you to fall? I think anything green is a great place to start. This gorgeous floral dress is perfect for cool summer nights into breezy fall days. You can use my code MADISON15 for 15% off too!! 

I love a good mini skirt- especially when it's pink and checkered! I think they are timeless (I have some checkered mini skirts from high school that are still going strong!). This fun one comes in pink and a gorgeous turquoise! 

I am always on the hunt for stylish tops for work! This polka dot top will make a statement at any workplace. 

Need I say more?? I absolutely love Kacey Musgraves (one of my favorite albums too!), and Target is selling this tee for under $15!! My brother actually bought one for himself and tie dyed and cropped it, but I think I'd like to stick to wearing it tucked into jeans. Target also has the Taylor Swift Lover graphic tee which I'm obsessed with! 

So I actually already own these (going on my second pair because mine got so nasty from wearing them all over rainy Europe!!) but I love them. These New Balances are so comfortable, versatile, and so on trend. I took these to Europe multiple times and they never did me dirty (until they got rained on one too many times and started stinkin'!). I thankfully got a new pair, but y'all please check these out if you are looking for a fashion sneaker that is also comfortable and useful. 

This camo dress comes in multiple colors and is perfect for class, a day running errands, or just a casual occasion! I love t-shirt dresses because you can make your casual outfits look just a little bit more nice and put together. I love pairing these types of dresses with either sandals or fashion sneakers (like the New Balances!) and some simple jewelry. Another great piece to transition to fall, especially if you live in the south where it doesn't cool off until late October!!

Have a great Saturday y'all!


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