three items to have in your closet right now

Hey y'all!

It has been FOREVER since I have done a full outfit post on the blog. I post a ton about shopping guides and other things, but it's taken some time for me to actually get decent pictures taken and round up a post dedicated to one outfit. I feel like sometimes the outfit posts on my blog don't do as well as my other posts, so if you'd rather stick to my other types of posts just let me know! 

Anyways, today I just had to share this adorable black dress from Target. It also comes in a lovely coral color and a fun fruity pattern. I think this neckline is so flattering and also on trend right now. The puff sleeves are also so flattering and make this dress so special. Ok and one more thing- it's on clearance for around $20. What the actual heck??!! Y'all snatch this dress up before it's gone!!

So the black dress/coral/fruit print dress (basically any dress with a square neckline, puff sleeves, and a babydoll style skirt) is the first must-have for your closet. Second? A headband! These hair accessories aren't just for Blair Waldorf. Headbands have been in and out of trend for years, but I seriously think this style needs to stay. I love this blush one from Target (could not find the link online so I linked a similar one here), but many brands are carrying these beauties in store right now. Check out the bottom of this post for some that I've found from other retailers! Headbands add such a fun and flirty touch to any outfit, especially with a babydoll dress. I've been loving pairing my pink headband with a combo of dresses and two piece outfits. 

Here are some other headbands I think are so cute!!

Lastly, I think everyone deserves to own a pair of espadrilles. This pair from Soludos is one of the most comfortable wedge I have every tried. These mold perfectly to your feet and go with so many styles. They can be casual or dressy- it's totally up to how you style them! I also think the height on these are great for everyday wear- especially for my petite gals who need a bit more height at work!

Ok so to wrap up: you need this black dress, a cute headband, and your fave pair of espadrilles. These three pieces make for the cutest outfit combo that is classic and trendy at the same time! 

Shop this post below: 

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