pretty face masks + tips for wearing one

Hey y'all!!

Now that most of the country is finally getting on to the fact that we need to wear masks to beat this virus to the ground, I figured it would be helpful to share some masks I found while browsing online for some more of my own. I already have two hand-made masks from a sorority sister and a fellow blogger, Tashmopolitan Couture. But seeming as the mask situation is going to be a long-time stint, I wanted to expand my collection that would include a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. So here are some that I absolutely LOVED while browsing!! 

Now for some tips on wearing mask. I'm obviously not a medical expert nor dermatologist, so these are just some things I've seen going around as well as stuff from my own experience. I know a lot of people are having skin problems while wearing their mask. Luckily I'm not out of my house enough to be wearing a mask for hours on end every day, but I do know that masks are causing breakouts and dry skin. Here are some tips to help your experience a little bit.

// peppermint essential oil //

I love using peppermint oil for headaches and bad smells, and putting a bit of oil (literally the smallest amount) either under your nose or on a bit of mask fabric can help your "breathing" experience go a little better. I hate smelling my breath in my mask and this can help a bit. It also just makes things seem a little more pleasant and fresh. Peppermint can also help with headaches so I use it all the time for that!

// chew gum and mints //

Stock up on mints and gum to use throughout the day. This is another solution to the mask breath problem.

// chapstick //

If your lips or areas around your face are dry, try using a vasoline-type chapstick or balm. I love the Smith's rosebud salve and use to use that all around my lips and nose in the winter. I haven't had a dry skin problem with my masks, but I've heard this helps! 

// tea tree oil //

Masks breaking you out? Spot treat everyday with a little bit of tea tree oil. I have used tea tree oil for several hears to help with breakouts. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-septic and can help combat those breakouts.

// maintain a consistent skincare routine //

I have never stuck to my skincare routine as much as I have while staying at home. Your skin will thank you if you are cleansing it, applying toner and serums, and heavily moisturizing after wearing a mask all day. Figure out the routine that works best for you and stick with it. I suggest checking out people like Skincare by Hyram or check with your dermatologist. Brands like Cerave and The Ordinary are great places to start too.

// limit makeup //

If you know you will be wearing a mask the entire day, avoid putting makeup on your chin and lower face area (or avoid foundation/powder and just do eye and brow makeup). Whenever I wear a mask with makeup on it all ends up on my mask. 

My tips aren't that ground-breaking or anything and nothing new, but I thought I'd share some things I've heard around the Internet and from other people. What are your tips for wearing a mask? I hope you are staying safe and healthy- remember to keep wearing a mask!!