ivy and ash nail wrap review

Hey y'all!!

I recently received some adorable nail wraps for review, and I am so excited to share them! I have still not gone to the nail salon, mainly because I don't usually do that much to my nails and also because of COVID. When I do paint my nails, I tend to go for basic colors and short styles, but I think it's so fun to have options that you can do at home when it comes to nail designs. That's where Ivy and Ash comes in. Ivy and Ash sells a variety of nail wraps from classic colors to fun and intricate prints. I've actually never tried nail wraps before, so when they reached out to let me try them, I thought it would be great to talk about my experience and share with any of you who might be interested in trying nail wraps! 

Ivy + Ash offers a variety of patterns and colors of "non-toxic, long-lasting nail wraps made of real nail polish". The nail wraps can last up to 10-12 days (hello non-chip polish!!). Each Ivy and Ash order comes with your nail wraps of choice, super helpful instructions, and an emory board and cuticle tool. I also got some trendy marble detail nail samples- which I am excited to try! Each nail set costs $5.50, and it comes with enough sizes for your nails and then some- I have very small nails so it helped to have a variety of size options! 

The instructions you receive with your nail wraps are clear and concise. You really only need the tools provided in the kit, plus a top coat to seal the nail wraps in. If you follow the steps accurately, your nail warps should stick for up to 10-12 days. 

Some suggestions I have for application:

-cleaning the nail and shaping like you are about to paint your nails regularly
-once the nail wraps are placed and smoothed on the nail, trim off the excess and then file down 
-use the nail wraps when your nails are longer (it's more difficult on nails that are short)
-apply a thick layer of topcoat 
-wait to wash your hands/shower for several hours after use

I did notice I had a few bubbles in my nail wraps, but I believe that's because I took a shower right after application- which the directions say not to do haha! The bubbles are barely noticeable though and no other problems have occurred!

The color I chose for this application was the Terrazzo Set. I was obsessed with the abstract prints, and it even came with some plain nail wraps so that you can arrange your designs however you choose! Each set comes with 16 nail wraps, so you can save the ones you don't use for a future mani! 

I also ordered the shades Peacock Plume and Plum Punch! If the colors/designs I chose aren't your thing, there are plenty of other designs for all ages and styles. I especially love the glitter designs (I hate taking off glitter polish, so nail wraps are a great alternative to this!). There are also simple designs with some metallic stripes, florals, and funky prints. Ivy and Ash is also constantly updated their site with sales and new designs, so there will always be something for you there!

I am excited to see how my nails hold up in the coming weeks- I have a feeling they will last much longer than my regular polish (which would have already chipped by now!)

If you are interested in placing an order with Ivy and Ash, you can use my code MADISON15 for 15% off your purchase. If your purchase totals more than $15 (only 3-4 sets!) you will receive free shipping- score!! 

Tag me in your pics if you decide to try them out!! 


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