Influencer-Inspired Rugs | 9 Rugs Perfect for Any Style

Influencers literally find the BEST rugs. I mean they find the best stuff anyways, but I have seen so many awe-worthy rugs just from mirror pics from the popular fashion and decor influencers. But... I definitely don't have the budget for some of the rugs I see when I head to a blogger's site. I honestly have struggled to find nice, high-quality, and fashionable rugs during my time in college (let's be honest I've struggled with all decor aspects). However, I made it a mission this summer to find the perfect rug for my bedroom (which is somewhere in this photo-wanna guess which one?). I have found some great pieces at places such as TJ Maxx and Homegoods, but if you want large, high quality rugs, places like and Wayfair are great options. I also think taking a peak on Amazon or Etsy is worth it too.

So today I bring you 9, fashionable rugs that are inspired by influencers (some I have definitely seen from bloggers, but others are ones that I would think that influencers would have in their homes somewhere). I hope you gain some inspiration for your apartment, home, and/or decor needs from this post! 

Shop the rugs below:


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