Are Influencer Courses Worth the Money? My Experience with LadyBossBlogger Courses

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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been taking the LadyBossBlogger course “How to Make Money as an Influencer.”. This course has all the information you need to know if you are interested in turning your blog into a potential form of income. 

The Lady Boss Blogger founder, Elaine Rau, does a fantastic job breaking down all the facets of being an influencer, pitching yourself to brands, earning money as an influencer, and more. 

She also has a course dedicated to making money as a blogger, “How To Start a Money Making Blog” that would be a great resource as well. This blogger/influencer/entrepreneur/GIRL BOSS knows what she’s talking about. 

Before we dive in, I want to say a huge thank you to LadyBossBlogger + Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post!

Let’s face it- blogging and using Instagram as a content creator is exhausting. You put in a TON of effort and in return maybe earn a couple of bucks from posts or links you share for your fashion finds. 

I wanted to make it a goal this summer to step up my blogging game and connect with more brands, learn how to properly pitch myself for paid campaigns, and understand the legal aspects of earning income as an influencer. 

LadyBossBlogger Course Breakdown

This 8-section course (with one extensive bonus section!) breaks down everything you need to know to start making money as an influencer. Each section includes several smaller lessons that break down all the details. 

I love the layout of this program because you can easily understand the content, pause when needed without losing your place, and retain information more accurately because of the fantastic organization. 

Some of these smaller sections (the lessons within the sections!) include: 

  • Instagram engagement hacks 

  • Niches to tap in to

  • Personal branding

  • Pitching to brands

  • Defining a target audience

  • Creating a media kit

  • Using affiliate links and more 

These are all things that I have looked up before, but having all the information in one, easy-to-access course is incredibly helpful! 

LadyBossBlogger takes the trial-and-error out of all the tips and tricks you find on Pinterest! 

My Results

After finishing the course, I felt so much more confident in my ability to earn income as an influencer/blogger. The course provides HUNDREDS of resources to start earning such as: 

  • Affiliate marketing programs

  • Platforms to find paid campaigns and collaborations (these connect brands to influencers!)

  • Analytics tools to provide data for your social media channels and blogs 

  • Great Instagram editing and hashtag tools 

This course is worth more than the asking price - you really get what you pay for (and so much more!). I now have access to so many resources and tips for improving my following and earning as an influencer. 

My Honest Review

As with any review, I do want to provide some honest, more negative feedback about the course. As this course is geared towards beginners, I think a lot of the information is overwhelming and difficult to understand. 

I think it can be a little unrealistic to expect to make a decent amount of money as an influencer when you have a small following, especially as a beginner. This course is a great way to learn how to make money as an influencer, but it does not guarantee that you will make money. 

I think this is a large investment for any influencer, especially ones that are not making any income on their blog at the moment. However, I do think this is a great resource and if you do have the means to take the course, it will be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and potentially earn back the money you paid to take the course

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The LadyBossBlogger Mission

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