16 sleeveless summer tops

Hey y'all!

I had a request recently to dedicate a post to sleeveless tops for the summer. Now I gotta be honest, I have a lot of insecurity when it comes to my body and what I feel like I look good in, and sleeveless tops are not always my fave. I used to be a swimmer so I developed pretty large shoulders and arm muscles, and then I obviously have gained a bit of weight in the past few years from a combo of college, study abroad, anxiety medication, and just not being as healthy as I used to be. So my arms come as a big insecurity to me. However, I am really trying to grow more confident this year and feel better in my own skin. An easy way for me to fix that is finding sleeveless tops that highlight my features rather than make me feel uncomfortable. So you probably won't catch me wearing a spaghetti strap tank anytime soon, but I would love to wear more thicker-strapped blouses and tops that are "sleeveless". I searched some of my favorite retailers and boutiques to bring you 16, mostly under $50, sleeveless tops perfect for the summer. I hope you enjoy! :)

row 1: one // two // three // four
row 2: one // two // three // four
row 3: one // two // three // four
row 4: one // two // three // four 

To shop the majority of the tops in this post, click through the carousel below! I also have linked all the tops in numbers corresponding to their location on the graphic.

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