10 Must-Have Organization Items for Your College Dorm Room

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Even though colleges' decisions on the fall semester arestill up in the air, I am certain that many college freshmen will be heading to campus in the fall. While this back-to-school season will be different, I still felt that many students will be looking for items for their dorm and advice from upperclassmen. So today I bring you ten must-have organization items for your college dorm.

Dorms are small. And if you're anything like me, then you might bring way too much stuff and feel like your dorm is a bit cluttered. With a few organization items, you can easily clean up your dorm space and maximize the little space that you do have. Most of these items pertain to clothing, but if you want some more ideas for organization I have linked a couple older posts of mine for items you need for your dorm!

I highly recommend buying a big variety pack of a ton of different command strips and hooks. Not only are they useful for decorating and hanging curtains, but you can also use heavy-duty command hooks to hang up your purses, backpacks, coats, jackets, umbrellas, and more. I put these in my closet freshman year and on my wardrobe sophomore year which helped to get rid of lots of items being on the ground or taking up space on hangers.

This is SUCH a sneaky way to store items in your dorm. I loved having a storage ottoman right next to my bed to get onto the super tall beds (it's a lot harder to get on those high-rise beds than you might think), but also to store things such as hoodies, sweatshirts, shoes, blankets, and more. I switched out what I store but I think these are a great way to add decor and storage to your room.

This is the one I used and still love: Navy blue storage ottoman (other colors available by same brand) 

If you wear a lot of jewelry and want to display it, jewelry stands are a great way to clear up drawer space and also use storage as a decor. I love this gold one. It's super tall meaning you can hang up a variety of necklaces and sunglasses, but also had smaller items and clean up space on your desk.

One of my favorite dorm items my first two years of college was this white desk hutch that worked both for storage and to hold decor items. I think this adds such a fun look to your dorm and allows you to decorate just a bit more.

If you buy anything from this post, it should be this item. I found a version of these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they were so incredibly helpful forstoring clothes, snacks, and more. I stacked two of them which fit perfectly under my tall bed. You can get long versions too, which allow even more space. Basically like having another dresser under your bed! Def max out that space.

I think a storage cart is such a fun way to store any coffee machines, mugs, food items, etc. without taking too much space. You can place this right next to your microfridge and store all your necessities. You could even dress it up with some cute coffee mugs and fun utensils!

If you have any shelves, windowsills, etc. and you want to use up storage but also keep the theme of your room, consider purchasing some decorative bin sets. I found some at TJ Maxx for my freshman year, but I know Target and other home decor stores have great options as well. 

This is probably a no-brainer, but buying some utensil and drawer organizers for your desk drawer can be so helpful in storing school supplies, makeup, and even jewelry. Get a couple sets in a variety of sizes to find what works best for you! 

I loved using over the door hanger hooks for storing robes, towels, purses, and more. You can share the space with your roommate and remove clutter from your floor. 

I love desk storage items because they add such a cute look to any room style. Find a set such as one from Kate Spade or the modern Target ones to store desk supplies. 

These are some items that worked for me to keep my dorm organized and stylish, but there are still hundreds of other options to keep your dorm organized. If you're at a loss of what to look for, just browse through The Container Store or the Target dorm section and start picking out items that you think would be useful for organizing what you plan to bring to college. If you're interested in more of my dorm posts, check out these:

Happy dorm shopping!


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