amazon prime day deals!

Amazon Prime Day is here! #saleseason is in full swing, with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale going strong and the Target sale coming up in a few days. The Amazon Prime day sale is a beacon of hope amid the N-sale posts, as honestly it has incredible deals on items that generally aren't on sale! If you are searching for electronics or household items, this is definitely the time to snag them as those are the majority of items on sale. I also managed to find a few fun deals in between- such as 40% all new balance sneakers, great deals on women's and men's summer clothing, and amazing deals on kitchen items such as Keurig, Nespresso, and all the gadgets and K-cups that go with it. Check out the items I found and would definitely purchase- including some I already own and love!

// MY PICKS //

This item isn't on sale, but I just needed to note that it looks EXACTLY like the Lululemon energy bra but is over less than half the price. A steal! 

Rugs are ridiculously overpriced, but there are a couple on sale during the Prime sales. I liked the patterns and varieties of this style! 

K-cups and Keurigs are on sale- so stock up on your faves! 

I bought my tortoiseshell hoops from amazon, and I found a similar pair on sale. There are a ton of different styles and colors on sale- so pick your fave! 

I bought a similar pair of hoops from Baublebar, but these are way cheaper and come in more color varieties!! 

This shave cream lasts FOREVER and does the trick! Get a two pack for a steal! 

I've never tried this brand before, but it is on major sale for Prime Day! I love new beauty finds and sales are a great way to pick our your new favorites! 

All the Apple Watch products are on sale! I don't own one, but all my friends are obsessed with theirs and I think it would be great to find one you like during Prime Day!

Surprisingly, these are on sale! Get a pack of your fave flavor! I really love the Chocolate sea salt! Quest bars are also on sale if those are your fave!

This item isn't technically on sale, but it is such a great price and comes in a variety of colors. I'm ready to purchase now! 

Get the echo dot for only $22! Many of Amazon's signature electronics are on major sale, so go get that Alexa or dot you've been wanting!

All New Balance shoes are up to 40% off! I have a pair of J.Crew x New Balance, and they are my fave! I loved this color of New Balances, and there are a ton more colors and patterns so definitely check them out if you need a new fashion sneaker. 

What did you buy for Prime Day?




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