a day in chattanooga

Hello friends!

A couple days ago, I got to visit a friend in Chattanooga (a fellow Furman student that I have missed oh so much!!). We came up with this little trip spur-of-the-moment, so I thought I would capture some of my favorite things to do in Chattanooga while also sharing this adorable new top I recently purchased! This embroidered top is from The Impeccable Pig, and it comes in a plethora of color combinations and in dress form as well! It is a bit on the pricy side, but I honestly think it's worth the price- it's such a stunning piece and is so well made. It's also perfect for those of you headed back to school- a great blouse was definitely a staple in my school attire! 

Anyways, to spill some details about Chattanooga. 'Nooga is a small city near the Georgia border in Tennessee. Home to Moon Pies, this spunky place is also home to some of my favorite things to do in Tennessee! You can always find a great place to eat or an exciting adventure right outside the city. The aquarium here is super cool, and there are also lots of touristy type things to do (such as Rock City and and Ruby Falls). I skipped those touristy things this trip, but if you are interested I would recommend checking out Rock City over Ruby Falls!

We started off the day with brunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company. I absolutely love their "Farmer" Biscuit, which has yummy apple butter (one of my favorites!!), fried chicken, and cheddar cheese. I also caved and got some sweet potato fries as well (which pair so well dipped in the apple butter). This is hands down my favorite spot to eat at in Chatt!

Afterwards, Ashley and I walked around a bit on Broad Street- part of Downtown near the river. Don't miss the Moon Pie store to stock up on Moon Pies and other old-fashioned candies! This area boasts many restaurants- so this is always a great place to be! If you want to check out the River, walk the rest of the way down Broad Street past the aquarium, and you'll run right into the river! Such a staple of Chattanooga. We took these outfit photos right at the edge of the river behind the aquarium. There are plenty of steps and a fountain behind the aquarium that give way to a beautiful view!

Wanting to get a taste of nature? Head over to Lookout Mountain (which also holds Ruby Falls and Rock City). Punch in "Sunset Rock" in your GPS, and head up the mountain to this gorgeous short hike (as in we did it in sandals and cute clothes) to a gorgeous view of the city. This si one of my favorite places in TN- it's a stunning view and a great little escape right from the city area!

Those are all my suggestions for now, but if you are ever headed to Chattanooga, shoot me an email and I'll give you even more! I've grown up going to Chattanooga for swim meets, Model UN competitions and weekend trips, so I feel like it's my backyard.

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  1. The view from sunset rock looks stunning. I'd love to see the view during golden hour.