what to and what not to bring to college

Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share what I think you should and shouldn't bring with you to college. This isn't a comprehensive list, just some often not-thought-of items that I couldn't live without at school and also some items I wish I didn't bring. Enjoy! 

 // Party/Theme Clothes //

You will have so many opportunities to go to themed social events (such as a Christmas party, Halloween parties, decades themed, etc). I didn't bring any sort of "party" clothes because I wasn't planning on partying, but I did enjoy going to some of the frat parties throughout the year. I didn't have any themed party accessories, so I was also scavenging through some of my friends' stuff or ordering things on Amazon. If you have some themed accessories, bring them in a small bin to have throughout the year just in case.

// Food Containers //

This might sound weird, but sometimes I would bring fruit with me to the library because the dining hall was a bit lacking in that department. I never had any food containers, so I would just bring a handful of strawberries in a plastic cup. I highly recommend bringing a set of food containers for leftovers, snacks, and even packed lunches when you are just over the dining hall.

// Sewing Kit //

Bringing a tiny sewing kit can help you with any fashion disaster. I didn't bring one and I really wish I had, because sometimes a button would fall off, a thread would come loose, or I needed to fix a pair of shoes. Going along this line, I also recommend putting some super glue in the kit as well, because I used it countless times to fix clothing, organizers, and more.

// Small Vacuum //

I am so glad I brought a vacuum, as the room would have been super messy without it. You might not think you need one, but if you have long hair like mine and like to snack in the room, considering bringing one to clean up every once in a while. This one is super slim, so it would fit right behind my bed. This is also a great way to get to know people on the hall, as several people would ask to borrow it and we would end up chatting for a bit!

// Shower Curtain & Rod //

If your dorm room has a closet, considering bringing a shower curtain to conceal the mess. This also gives you a space for privacy just in case you need to change while other people are in the room. 

// Emergen-C //

This was my savior this year. I used it so many times, as I constantly felt like I was on the verge of getting sick. This will happen freshman year, as you are exposed to so many new germs and are living in close proximity to many people. Emergen-C can help boost your immune system and get you through allergies and colds. Highly recommend!!

// Command Strips //

No matter how many of these you think you actually need, double that amount. I used so many of these throughout the year. Get multiple sizes (hooks, picture hangers, medium strips, heavy strips, etc.). You can find so many uses for these, so get a variety for move in day!

// Shout Color Catcher //

Some people have no clue what these are, and they are missing out! I absolutely love these color catchers. They allow me to mix my whites and colors when washing clothes, which can cut down time on laundry. Everyone in college knows the difficulty of finding open washers, so save some time by doing all your clothes together. 

// Safety Pins //

I bought a big pack of safety pins at the beginning of the year and used almost all of them by the end. These helped with outfits, decor, and more. Consider keeping these in your "toolbox" (your sewing kit, superglue, and whatever else!)

// Steamer //

One of my absolute favorite purchases for college, I used my steamer almost daily. I love it more than irons (which some colleges don't allow in dorms). You can also steam so many things (such as formal dresses, bedding, etc), so be sure to purchase one of these if you want to keep your clothes wrinkle-free!

// Duffle Bag //

For all the weekend trips home and to friends' houses, I recommend keeping a duffle bag somewhere in your dorm or car. This is also a great way to transfer old season's clothes home and bring new ones to school. 

// Laundry Rack //

This compact laundry rack (it folds down!) fit right beneath our futon and saved space. Many of my clothes require line drying, so having this saved time and space. Highly recommend sharing one with your roomie!

// Beach Towel //

This is sort of random, but bring a beach towel for potential lake/beach trips and laying out in the sun. If you like being outdoors and in the sun, having one of these on hand is a good idea.

// Bluetooth Speaker //

For the shower, hangouts, and more, I recommend bringing a small speaker. You'll never know when you need to pump up the crowd with some jams. I also listened to music in the shower, so having a speaker made shower parties much more fun! 

// Lots of Heels //

I love my high heels, but I didn't need to bring every single pair. Only bring a couple, as you most likely won't be wearing them except on weekends and for special events. You will also walk around a lot, so even if you are going out, you might want to opt for flats or converse.

// Plates & Silverware //

Don't bring a whole kitchen set, utensils, and tools. I even would suggest not bringing a lot of bowls, plates, and silverware. If you are planning on eating in your room sometimes, consider opting for some plastic utensils and paper plates, or just get one plate, on bowl, and one of each utensil. Kitchen supplies can really start to take up space, so just bring the bare minimum.

// Lots of Books //

I love reading, but I sadly did not find the time to read any of the books I brought to college my freshman year (and I brought way more than I should). Bring 1-3 and switch them out when you go home.

// Lots of T-shirts //

If you are planning on rushing (or joining clubs in general), consider bringing limited amounts of t-shirts as you are probably going to get tons more throughout college. My college gave out free t-shirts at events all the time too, so I always had way more t-shirts than I needed. Bring a few favorites for home (and keep the highschool ones at home), because you are about to get a ton more! I have about 70 sorority t-shirts now, so I am good in the t-shirt department. 

// Anything Prohibited at your School //

Fairy lights are prohibited in the dorms at my school, so many Pinterest loving girls' dreams for the perfect dorm were shot down. Be sure to look at your college's list of prohibited dorm items before you go shopping. Some colleges prohibit string lights, extension cords, irons, candles, and more. 

// Duplicate Items //

Check with your roommate to make sure you don't bring two of one item. You only need one steamer, one vacuum, etc. You have limited space, so start collaborating now on what you can share!

// Decorative Objects //

I love decorating, but you simply don't have the space for lots of trinkets and decorative objects. Limit yourself to one or two, and keep them on a space that isn't too crowded. 

// Lots of Pictures //

I love pictures, but bringing too many can keep your room cluttered. Consider making one collage or bulletin board and leave it at that. You will also be taking so many new pictures, so save room for that too!

// Trinket Dishes //

Going along with the decorative objects tip, limit the amount of trinket dishes and organizers. I organize my jewelry with trinket dishes at home, but doing that at school kept my desk way too cluttered. Bring one or two and find a more streamlined method of organizing the rest of your jewelry, such as an acrylic tree or desk organizer. 

// Lots of Cups and Mugs //

I love having a cold glass of water at bed with me and taking a water bottle to class, but I brought way too many cups. I also brought way to many mugs- I don't even drink hot coffee or tea! Bring a few cups, bottles, and mugs (5 is probably a good amount!) 

// Printer //

If your college is anything like mine, you will be able to use the printers in the library. Some colleges have wifi systems that  make it difficult to connect printers, so reconsider keeping your printer at home. Paper, ink, and toner can get expensive too, so save money by using your college's provided printers. Printers also take up a ton of space, so save space in your dorm by leaving it at home.

// Sports Gear //

I came to college thinking I would continue swimming and yoga. Sadly, I did not have a ton of time to swim and I instead opted for quick runs in the gym or around the lake. Consider leaving your sports equipment at home, as my swim gear took up a ton of space in my closet and was a constant reminder that I wasn't swimming that much.

I hope y'all enjoyed my run down of what to bring and what not to bring to college. Of course there are still many things you should be bringing to college, but this was just a list of some random and often not thought about items that are left at home. I also understand that not everyone will agree with each item, so just take this list with a grain of salt! What is something you wish you would have brought to college and/or left at home?




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