catching up & some summer shopping

Hello friends!

Yes almost two months without a blog post... I know I know it's basically a crime for a blogger to not post for that long a time, but I can explain. Almost the entire month of June I was helping with orientation at Furman, so I was kept on my toes practically 24/7. I've also struggled to find people to take blog pictures for me, and I thought purchasing a remote and tripod would help. Turns out my camera is too old for it to connect to a remote, so sadly I will have to keep finding people to take photos for me, which is definitely a struggle! Hopefully this July I'll be able to grab some friends to take photos for me, but we'll see. I'll try to keep most of my posts on the website more advice and college style posts, and the fashion posts reserved for Instagram. I'm also in the process of moving my blog to a different platform, which is super difficult! If any of y'all have switched platforms, please let me know any advice you have- it would be much appreciated! 

Anyways, I hope y'all are enjoying your summer! Like I said before, I was at Furman for about 3 weeks in June helping with new student orientation. I absolutely loved getting to meet new students and share them my love for Furman in the process. I loved getting closer with everyone on orientation staff as well, and I feel so much more connected to my campus too. Before that, I rested a lot at home (and got very bored in the process!). Luckily I was able to visit my big for a couple days that month, which was exciting! She lives in Tampa so she took me to all the popular places in Downtown as well as to Disney World for a day. 

For July, I am planning on road tripping a bit to visit friends and go to some concerts (stay tuned!), and then in August I'll be counting down the days until I can move back into Furman. I'm hoping in the mean time I can get my life (and blog) organized, but I do apologize if it seems a bit sporadic! My blog is a passion of mine, so sometimes when I'm not inspired or not feeling it the blog will hit the back burner (which happens all too often I know!) 

Back to something more interesting, I wanted to share with y'all some recent purchases! I have been obsessed with so many trends this summer, such as embroidery, espadrilles, and more. Here is what I've recently purchased (a bit excessive but I haven't been shopping all summer!) 

What to expect from the blog this month? Hopefully lots of college posts! Also some sorority rush posts in the mix. I want my college readers (especially those who will be freshmen this year!) to gain some insight on college and what to expect. For those of y'all that are either in high school or not in college, please let me know what you would be interested in reading as I know college posts don't apply to all of my readers!

Thanks for being patient with my sporadic blogging!! I appreciate every one of you who reads my passion project!!

As always,

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