20 things i've learned in my 20 years of life

Hello everyone!

Today is an exciting day for me as it is my 20th birthday!! Yes, I get the calendar emoji for my birthday, are you jealous?? Jk but I love to throw that out there. I always thought that the calendar emoji was specific to your birthday, but several years ago someone told me that it was the day of World Emoji Day, which happens to fall upon my birthday! I cannot believe I am 20- I sadly cannot feel the same feels as I did as a teenager when listening to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. However, I'm glad to be entering into my twenties, as I feel like they are going to be great. Just like last year, I am sharing a new set of things I've learned in my 20 years of life. To read my lessons from my 19th birthday, click here.

// 1 //
Stay humble, but don't be afraid to share your accomplishments

// 2 //
 Stop worrying about the small things

// 3 //
Everything is part of a plan, let things happen as they should

// 4 //
Don't stress about what you can't control (still trying to work on this one)

// 5 //
Friends are put into your life for a reason

// 6 //
 Don't judge others and be open-minded

// 7 //
Lower expectations, not everything will be picture perfect or go the way you want them to

// 8 //
Surround yourself with people who laugh with you and appreciate your humor

// 9 //
Dance like no one is watching all the time

// 10 //
Share the aux cord (even though you want all your songs to play)

// 11 //
Music can get you through anything

// 12 //
Not every photo is going to look perfect, so chill if a photo shoot doesn't go as planned

// 13 //
You are worthy enough- don't let social status or materialistic things tell you otherwise. (and you are funny- don't let any of the haters tell you otherwise lol)

// 14 //
You are not going to get everything you want, so just appreciate what you do get

// 15 //
Vines can cure any sadness

// 16 //
Sometimes you need alone time, just tell other people that

// 17 //
You have the capability to change, don't let what others think of your past self tell you otherwise

// 18 //
Healthy eating can make you feel 100 times better

// 19 //
Try new things, as you might make many friends and memories in the process

// 20 //
 Live life as happily and fully as you can- you only get to experience it once

Thank you for reading!




  1. Happy Birthday!!! Oh I remember being 20- what a fun age! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you!! I'm super excited for my twenties- I've heard it's such a fun time!!