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Hello everyone!

Today I am back with another spring outfit post- featuring yet again a skirt. I feel that once the weather warms up, I gravitate towards skirts and dresses. I'm sure y'all feel the same way, but something about this weather makes me want to free my legs from skinny jeans! I purchased this vibrant skirt a couple weeks ago in Charleston. It was an absolute steal from J.Crew. It was on clearance, and then clearance was additionally another percentage off, so this wound up being about $20. I thought it would be perfect for this season, as well as for Furman football games in the fall. This color is totally in right now, which is perfect because purple is such a hard color to find, and I am constantly searching for Furman purple. The skirt was a bit hard to style at first. The ruffle at the bottom is so adorable, but it definitely is an odd shape and can be hard to fit just right. I tend to wear skirts higher up on my waist, so I tried to lower it just a bit to make the silhouette more flattering. Since the skirt is such a statement, I went with small mint green bauble earrings, white Jack Rogers, and a white button up to complete the outfit. The sunglasses added a retro touch and were much needed on this sunny day. 

Moving on from the outfit, I wanted to tell y'all that I am almost done with my freshman year of college. The last day of classes is April 24 (which is so soon I can't believe it), and exams end May 2. I honestly get so sad thinking about moving out of my freshman dorm room and leaving my friends to go our separate ways this summer. I know there will be plenty of Facetime calls, roadtrips, and visits, but I just want to stay a freshman forever! Are any of y'all ending up your freshman year, senior year of high school, or about to graduate college? Ending a chapter of your life is such a weird phase, and I honestly feel like I am ending a chapter in my life by ending freshman year. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but it just goes to show how much I love my school! And how couldn't you with these gorgeous flowers in bloom behind me?? I'll try to show Furman off a bit more before the end of the semester. The flowers are blooming and so much color is around campus- I love it!

skirt // top- old Target // shoes // sunglasses- Francesca's // earrings

That's all for today's post! I've decided to shorten my fashion posts and include some commentary on my life at the moment. I feel like it's more fun to read segments like that on other blogs, so I wanted to incorporate it into my own. Thanks for reading y'all!

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  1. This is such a cute look! And I definitely feel you about ending a chapter in life - I'm a sophomore in college and I definitely cried while leaving my dorm for the last time last year!

    xoxo, Cecilia //