snow day bows

This week I experienced my first snow day at college! It was totally unexpected- the weather forecast showed snow, but being from the south I knew that sometimes expecting snow just means a couple of flurries. I woke up the next morning with an email from my college saying that all classes before noon had been canceled. I still had one at 12:30, but then around 11:00 another email declared a complete snow day. This email was sent while I was enjoying a delicious snow day chocolate chip waffle in the dining hall, so every student let out cheers as the mass email was opened. What camaraderie! I did go to a bonus class for one of my classes for extra credit (I know I know, I'm a bit of an overachiever but I'm glad I went). Afterwards, I met up with some friends to go sledding (which was done DIY style with laundry baskets, plastic bedding covers, and plastic lids). Then my friends decided to hang out in the lounge by our dorms and we ordered pizza. Such a lazy but well needed day!

 Because of the snow day, I wanted to take full advantage of my new Kate Spade bow accessories, so I got dolled up and took some pics before enjoying the rest of the snow day.

I love combining multiple bow accessories, especially when they are all the same color. The black bow beanie was gifted from my roommate's mom (thank you!), the white and black bow gloves are also a Kate Spade original. The J.Crew sweater brings the look together with the black bow as well. All black bows complemented the pure white snow!

Of course gloves and beanies won't completely warm you up, so I paired my sweater with a navy quilted field jacket from J.Crew, as well as my hunter green Hunter boots. 

Here is an upclose look at the bow on the beanie (a little overdramatic I know)

Close up of the gloves- which are tech-friendly! Love it!

beanie // sweater // jacket- old J.Crew // gloves // jeans- Gap // boots 

Thank you all for reading this short and sweet post! I loved playing in the snow, especially with my bow-tied outfit! What is your favorite thing to wear in the snow?

As always,


  1. So cute, Madison! I love all of the bow accents!