wrapped with a bow

Now that finals are over I am excited to be back home and fully celebrate the Christmas season. This time of year is one of my favorites because I love the decorations, music, and food. My mom and I used to go crazy decorating the week after Thanksgiving (she still does but since I'm in college now I'm not home to decorate sadly!). I'm one of those people who loves wrapping presents (I'd wrap all day long if I could and I also sometimes wrap my gifts- as long as their discretely placed in a box and I promise my mom not to peak!) 

Yesterday I was babysitting two little boys and they were so excited for Christmas. It reminded me of how enchanting the holiday season was when I was younger. Seeing the excitement in their faces is truly what the Christmas season is about (and Jesus's birth of course!). I told them my stories from when Santa visited- reindeer poop in the yard, fallen sleigh bells, half-eaten cookies, Rudolph sightings, and personalized letters from Santa. Now that I'm older, it's so special being able to tell my stories. The innocence of the Christmas season is so endearing and I love being able to spread my cheer with younger kids. I truly believe that keeping the magic of Christmas alive is so important for every child, and we must save this special time of year as long as we can for everyone. 

Now that I'm older, I spend my Christmas Eve's going to a candle-lit church service, eating Italian food (random tradition), driving around backroads to look at the beautiful (and sometimes a bit overdone!) Christmas lights, and finishing up wrapping gifts. The excitement has of course died down now that I'm 19, but the excitement is different. It is one of being able to celebrate my Savior's birth and spending a day dedicated to love and grace. Of course opening presents is fun, but I truly love the experience as a whole. I used to be one of those people who thinks that Christmas is usually a let down (because once Christmas arrives the season is over!! and I always expected my mom to surprise me with items I had in the ever-growing wishlist in my head- not one that I ever wrote down)- let's just say that some Christmases there were tears. But last year, I made it my mission to just enjoy the day- and it worked! It's not about the gifts, but about the family and friends you surround yourself by. I hope that this Christmas I will continue to fulfill that mission of mine and enjoy the wonderful and magical time of year.

On a less important note, I also love the Christmas outfits. Today's outfit was actually the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving, but I definitely think this outfit can be worn throughout the holiday season, whether to church, a dinner, or on Christmas day. I found this ruffle shouldered sweater from Ann Taylor and I absolutely love it. The piece is so classic but the shoulder detail adds a fun flair. This plaid skirt is a staple from J.Crew, and to make it more Christmas-y you could wear one of the holiday plaid skirts from J.Crew with red and green (you totally know what I'm talking about right??). I also added my new fave hair accessory, the ever popular velvet bow from J.Crew, and it matched my skirt perfectly. A combination of these pieces is a perfect outfit for any holiday activity. 

sweater // skirt - sold out // bow // boots (similar)

I hope the holiday season is treating each and every one of you wonderfully. I am so excited to go iceskating this weekend, finish up shopping, wrap up the gifts, and celebrate with friends and family. What are you looking forward to this holiday season?
As always,


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