finals season

We all know what's coming... finals season. And while I know not everyone who reads my blog is a college student, I thought I'd help you all out with maintaining your sanity during the next few weeks with a couple things I have been enjoying recently. This is my first finals season of college, but I'm surprisingly remaining calm. Hopefully things will go well for me and the stress level will remain at a minimum. I've been putting off a lot of my exam studying mainly because I've been working on several projects, papers, and assignments that are due before finals week starts. Some of my peers are already starting their study guides and I'm just over here working on a paper for my writing class- it's totally ok though!! Tuesday is the LDOC (last day of classes), so I have plenty of time to get ahead this weekend. I also hope to squeeze in some Christmas activities during the studying but we will see how that pans out! This post is all about some things that have been helping me get through the end of the school year slump/stress/anxiety/allnighers/etc.

1) Every college student ever- Chrisley Knows Best article (this is so funny) 
Literally me at number 7, 9, 13

2) My recommendation for what to drink during your studying and late nights- Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (or mocha if you need the caffeine!) 

3) I just started watching New Girl and honestly so many things in that show relate to college life. Squeeze in a couple of episodes in your study breaks to lighten the stress. 

4) J.Crew has been killing the game recently. Here are some of my faves: (take a break while studying and shop a little- you might find some new items to add to your Christmas list!) 

5) If you listen to music like me while studying, checkout some of my fave pump up songs

6) Also food obsession- the Belvita Gingerbread breakfast bars. I tried out the pumpkin spice flavor during the fall and picked these up over Thanksgiving break. They taste just like gingerbread and maybe could give you that extra boost of energy (and Christmas cheer!) while studying

I wish you all the best of luck on your finals! What are some things you are enjoying at the moment that is helping you get through exams?

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