oxford check and ruffles

Hi everyone!

Last Friday I wore a combination of some favorites from last fall- a J.Crew oxford check skirt and a ruffled blouse. Even though these items aren't for sale anymore, I still thought the outfit was perfect for a post since it was a genuine ootd. Friday consisted of a quiz in every class, lunch with some new friends, and an interview for a summer counselor position at school. I wanted to dress up for my interview, and the outfit just felt casual enough to wear throughout the day. I always wonder if I'm way too dressed up for class, but I notice that when I dress up I get more work done and have an overall happier day (anyone else??). I also feel that I have a bit more pep in my step and confidence when I'm rocking an outfit with some of my favorite pieces. 

As I'm coming up on Thanksgiving break, I am looking forward to creating some gift guides as well as more late fall outfits. I love the weather around Thanksgiving- it's that perfect combination of cold and sunlight and the leaves are still in color. On Furman's campus, the leaves have been absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to take full advantage of the scenery in today's post, so I hope you like the little sneak peek on the campus. 

Now onto the outfit. I love the olive tones in the check of the skirt, so I paired it with my fave ruffle blouse, this olive number from Red Dress Boutique from last season. I love the little ruffle bell-sleeve at the end of of the sleeve. And the skirt- the skirt of last year honestly. The silhouette is so classic and retro. I felt so preppy walking to class in this! 

I feel like I've talked about ruffles so many times this year, but rightfully so since it's such a great trend! I hope you all aren't sick of the trend yet because I absolutely love it and I hope it sticks around for a while. 

For shoes I went with a brand new pair of nude flats from J.Crew. I was in desperate need of a new pair of ballet flats as I wore out my old ones. These have a cushioned insole that makes walking around campus much more manageable. The suede is also a nice touch! 

blouse - blouse - blouse // skirt // shoes (exact) 
I'll link some similar pieces to the ones I've shown here if you'd like to recreate my look. I've been loving dressing up to class, and I'm so excited to pull out my tights and coats for winter. I also have my eye on a beret for Christmas- thoughts?? I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week. Good luck finishing up any assignments or exams before your break (I have a huge bio test tomorrow that I'm anxiously preparing for!!). Just that test and two school days are keeping me from going home!

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