j.crew at the apple orchard

I definitely think fall is incomplete without a photoshoot in an apple orchard (but didn't I just say that about a pumpkin patch?) Yes I did. Both places are harbors of all things fall: apples, pumpkins, seasonal foods, and golden hour lighting if you go at just the right time. I love fall and I realize that it's sadly gone by fleetingly. Being in college has brought some changes to my typical fall routine. I used to sit outside for hours at a time during the fall back home but being in college has stripped some of that luxury away. I've replaced it with grinding in the library (college students are on the grind 24/7). 

But I still have enjoyed those typical fall activities I like to check off. Going to the pumpkin patch, visiting an apple orchard, hiking, and eating pumpkin spice flavored everything (except not the PSL- honestly completely forgot I have a Starbucks on campus). When I got to go home for fall break, I got together with my friend and photographer, Sydney, to take some fall photos with some of my high school buds (which will be featured in a couple posts soon) and my BFF from Furman. I enjoyed soaking up those golden hour rays and then finishing off the photoshoot with a yummy Southern fried meal at the restaurant on the apple orchard. I'm talking apple fritters and fried chicken- a delicacy that's hard to find in college. 

I'll stop rambling now and focus on this ensemble that I absolutely LOVE. I found this skirt on J.Crew about a month ago and fell head over heels. It's just so stinkin cute. I love the retro vibes from this (I'm a sucker for anything retro). I feel like I could be going to a school in the 1970s- one of my favorite fashion decades for school style (you know you're a fashion blogger when you have a favorite decade for school clothing lol). 

This cognac colored skirt is my fave purchase of the year (YES I SAID IT) from J.Crew. I purchased it in a size 2 (I generally hover between a 2 and 4 at J.Crew so just be careful when ordering). It's a corduroy fabric which just adds that retro vibe I've been going on and on about. Sadly this skirt is sold out (that's what I get for waiting so long to post about it!) But I'll be sure to link some similar options below. Here is the original link to the skirt in case they restock it! 

 Continuing with the J.Crew theme (this post isn't called J.Crew at the orchard for nothing!), I had to pull on my favorite layering pieces- a navy and white striped tee and chambray button up. The combination of the navy and cognac skirt is just sublime- so much so that as I am typing this, I am wearing the skirt with a navy tee with white stripes- ooh la la!!

The final addition to any fall outfit is a quality pair of rainboots, such as these hunter green Hunter Boots. Being in college has given me more reason to wear these. In high school I hardly ever wore my rainboots because I'd be inside all day so the functionality of the boots totally didn't make sense. But being in college and walking around campus in the rain has made me appreciate my rain boot purchase. 

striped tee // chambray shirt // skirt (all similar)- Lulus - Lauren James  // hunter boots 

I hope you all enjoyed this little rambling of a post! I absolutely loved my photo shoot with Sydney. She was such an important asset to my blog back in high school, so I miss having her around (she's also an amazing person and friend- we used to have the longest and deepest conversations that were always so needed). If you're ever interested in her work, I have her linked in several of my photos and you can DM her! 

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  1. You look gorgeous, Madison!

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