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Hello everyone! I have always wanted to share a "day in the life" sort of post, so I thought I would share with you all my typical Monday in college. By this time at college, I thought I would have nailed down a routine each day, but sadly that is not the case. I feel as if a million and one things are happening all at once, so I never have a day-by-day set in stone schedule. But that's totally ok- that's just what college is! Monday's seem to be the most normal of days for me (except for the fact that the Monday I am working on this, I am definitely not following my normal Monday schedule!). I have class every day of the week, but MWF are my busiest class days and T/TH are my "work days". I'll go in a bit more detail about other days of the week after I outline my Monday's.

I start off my days early throughout the week. MWF I have a 9:30 and T/TR I have an 8:30. These classes are definitely much later than the time my high school started, but having anything before 10 am in college is considered early.

I try to get up with about 45 min to get ready, but I love sleeping in so I usually hit the snooze button multiple times (sorry roomie!!). I will at least leave about 20 min to get ready (I know I know... seems super fast but I have nailed my makeup routine to 5 minutes!). Sometimes I get up as late as 8:50 for my 9:30 and I'm still on time- just one of the many perks of going to a small school!

I really enjoy my French class. At the beginning of the semester I wasn't a huge fan of it because it was heavy on a lot of homework, such as daily online exercises and readings, but once I got the hang of it the class has easily become one of my favorites. I'm actually considering double majoring in psychology and French!

After my 9:30 I go straight to my 10:30, which is in the same building. The class is a freshman requirement, a First year writing seminar. My topic is Psychic Disorder, so we read literature centered on characters with mental illness. We relate those characters to social trends and patterns in society that relate to mental illness and disorders. The class is a seminar based class, so we mostly talk about our readings so it's very engaging.

Afterwards I'll head to lunch with friends. On Monday's, I eat with about 4 other friends (we have our scheduled Monday lunch group!). Other days I'll text a few friends and see when they are headed to lunch. Sometimes I'll eat around 11:30 or 12:00, just depends on what people are up to!

Then back to the room to work on homework or nap (whichever is needed!). I like to give myself an hour at lunch just to socialize and catch up with friends, but then if I have work to do I'll force myself to do it in my room before my 1:30.

At 1:30 I have my bio class. Sometimes I get a little sleepy in this class because it's right at nap time (lol!), but I push through it because bio is an interesting subject to me and it's the class I definitely spend most of my time on.

On Monday's I head to the local animal shelter at 2:30 to volunteer from 3-5. Spending time with the animals is the perfect way to set the tone for the week and de-stress from anything going on. I think it's important for all college students to find an activity off campus that they can rely on going to once a week, such as volunteering, a job, or a coffeeshop to go get work done. Sometimes you need a break from campus!

After that I like to head back and get some dinner with friends, then head to the library to finish any work for the following days. Sometimes I'll workout around 8:30 (I love working out later at night- it always fits in perfectly for me).

If I have any remaining work after my workout and shower, I'll sit in a study room right outside my dorm room with a couple friends and finish it up. I usually don't have a ton of homework Monday because I only have one class Tuesday, so Tuesday is a big work day for me. But I do like having a mini study room right outside my door for whenever I need to focus.

The rest of my week is completely different from Monday just because Monday is reserved for volunteering. On Tuesday's I have an 8:30 class and then swim practice at 4:00, so I squeeze in library time and lunch in between. Wednesday's and Friday's are pretty similar. Thursday's I have an 8:30 and then my bio lab from 2:30-5:00, so I try to grind out some work in the morning and then nap before my lab. Because I am still a first semester student, I am not involved in a ton of activities just yet. Some of the extracurriculars I'm involved in are not a daily or weekly thing, so my schedule is not "routine" because my activities are more on a "every so often" basis. However, I am looking forward to next semester as I will be rushing, hopefully interviewing for a tour guide position, and also looking at other activities on campus.

I hope you all enjoyed a little glimpse into my life at college. Many of you requested routine style blog posts, so I'd love to do more on specific days and events if you'd like. Do you all have a set schedule at college (or high school) or is every day different?

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  1. That’s more like a page of your everyday personal diary about what you did and the plans for the next day. Pretty cool this was. A very few people do this kind of stuff now but its fun somehow.