the color pink: happiness

There are several things that never fail to put a smile on my face: cats, The Office, chocolate chip cookies, seeing my family, and the color pink. Many people describe yellow as the "happy color", but I have always associated happiness with pink. But not just happiness- confidence, passion, and love. Pink envelops the essence of what it means to be happy. You are confident in yourself, you have found passion in something (or many things!), and you love those around you. When you find those three things, you can truly be happy. That's why when I found this pink Kate Spade dress, I knew it would be the epitome of happiness (well for me at least!). Pink is one of those colors that just evokes happiness in the wearer. For several years, I have made an effort to wear pink lipstick. I like to incorporate the color into my daily life (even if just on my lips!) because wearing the color automatically makes my day brighter.  And hey, "on a bad day, there is always lipstick!" 

As I've started college and experienced my first month of college life, I have realized the importance of maintaining happiness throughout life. Putting away negativity, whether it be your thoughts about another person, the stress of an upcoming exam, or a complaint about the weather is so crucial to be happy. No one needs extra weight holding them down from happiness. The first few weeks of college I let negativity invade my thoughts- I complained about everyone and everything. It wasn't until this week that I decided I wasn't going to let myself become a walking complaint box- seriously, I felt like I was one! Nothing will ever go perfectly in life, and not every day can be the best day ever. But you can be one step closer to making your day perfect by putting away negativity and feeling happy. It is important to find those things that make you confidence, such as a new outfit or an A+ on your bio exam, find the things that make you passionate, such as helping those in need, playing music, or reading, and find the people (and things) that you love, such as friends and places. Surrounding yourself with these reminders of happiness, even if it is as frivolous as a color, can transform your attitude. 

I have made it my goal to make my days almost negativity free. I say almost because we all are going to have days that are surrounded by stress, anxiety, hurt feelings, and annoyances. But experiencing those days makes us more excited for our happy days. Why not try to make it a goal for all days to be happy? Waking up with the mindset that your day will be a good one is so important. And learning to let things go and holding your tongue is also just as important. Remove negativity.

Like I said, everyone has bad days. But isn't it amazing when you have an absolutely fantastic day? You might look at it and think that nothing made it that special. You didn't do much. But who did you spend it with? Did you spend it with a loved one? Did you spend it cuddling a bunch of cats all day (aka my dream)?? Did you workout in the morning and just feel high on life all day? Little things can make a day incredible. Today I am writing this after experiencing an incredible day, even though it was fairly normal. I realized that I was looking forward to the next time I would be this giddy. But then I remembered the day before and the day before that that I felt this way. Now I am a welcoming every day as a happy day. And if something stops me along the way, I will remember my color pink- embrace my confidence, care for my passions, and remember those I love. 

Adding a little pink (or a lot in this case!) catalyzes confidence, passion, love, and ultimately happiness. When you find that thing that makes you spark- such as a color- wear it. Embrace it. Make it your signature. Make it a reminder of what it means to be happy and to live an incredible life. 

I hope this post finds you in times of happiness. If it doesn't, I dare you to find something that ignites happiness in you. Find your pink.

As always,

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