blair waldorf vibes

Anyone else love finding a clothing piece that is the epitome of Blair Waldorf? Bows, headbands, cap-toe ballet flats, and pearls. You bet I have several of those items, including this tweed dress from Shein. I love how tie-neck blouses have been trending for several seasons now (even though I will probably always wear them!).  I love anything with a neck-tie bow (the classic Blair accessory), and the color combo of white and black is one of my favorites. And the great news- this dress is only $24. 

Does anyone else have a problem of the bow coming untied when wearing pieces like this? That is the only downside to these classic pieces. I am absolutely awful at tying bows! 

And can we give a moment to this beautiful scenery- it reminds me of Charleston or Savannah. It has that classic Old South vibe, and it's just in Downtown Knox! I just want some pastries and a few shopping backs and the perfect scene would be set. 

Let's also give a moment for these shoes. I love the height of these because they are so comfortable to walk in, and the scallops are adorable as well. If you all can't tell by now- anything with scallops or bows is automatically a favorite. And funny story- one time I was walking about my love for scallops and someone thought I meant the food! Not the food- just the pattern!

I hope you all have a lovely day! If you are infatuated with anything Blair Waldorf, let me know below. Also link any of your favorite Blair-inspired outfits below! 

As always,


  1. So cute Madison! Love the scallop detailing on those heels and that background is beautiful!!

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