back to school outfit with young cosmopolite

preppy and classic comfortable back to school outfit

Hello everyone! By now I am sure most of you high school students are back in school, and if not you are going very soon! Even though I am entering college this year, I still love the idea of back to school outfits, school supplies, and more. A problem I noticed during high school was that many back-to-school outfits were inappropriate for school or would have broken my school's dress code. So, I wanted to bring you all an outfit that would work year round for most dress codes. I am teaming up with Hayleigh from Young Cosmopolite again this week, so go to her page to check out her version of a back to school outfit!

comfortable preppy and classic back to school outfit

I have always been a fan of a simple but classic outfit for school. You can catch me wearing jeans and converse at least twice a week, and a button up at least once. This outfit combination can be recreated with many different tops, jewelry pieces, and jeans. It's a mindless outfit that I can throw on in the morning when running late but still know I will look cute and put together.  

preppy classic and comfortable school outfit

I often put comfort over dressiness for school, but luckily for me a lot of my nicer clothes are comfy. However, this is a guaranteed-comfy outfit for when I need to look nice for school but don't want to be "uncomfortable" at school. I love wearing converse to school too because they are so classic and, you guessed it, comfy! 

This is a typical "Madison" outfit- just ask my friends! It's simple, classic, and put-together. Those three words are my mantra for school outfits. I also live in jeans during the school year, which I'm sure everyone can agree fits the mantra. 

I paired this outfit with minimal jewelry, but I did include these pineapple tortoise shell earrings from Prep Obsessed. I have been loving these earrings lately because they remind me of summer even during the school year! 

Hayleigh and I both went with classic pieces. I love the collared sweater she did- I love layering sweaters and button ups during school! This is totally something I would wear during the school year too- I love the Blair Waldorf and school girl vibes from this! 

I hope you all can take some inspiration from this very simple but classic back to school outfit. Be sure to head over to Young Cosmopolite to check out Hayleigh's post! Also, be sure to catch our State Swap collaboration that we did last week which was super fun! Good luck this school year! Stay tuned for a post in the next few weeks about smart habits to keep during the school year (which will feature this outfit again!)

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