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If you live in Tennessee or have ever traveled to Nashville, you should know by now about the infamous blue and white striped Draper James wall. It's a hotspot for tourists and locals alike because it's fabulous location (right in 12 Ave South aka one of my favorite places ever), about a 5 min drive from Downtown Nash, and right across from the I Believe in Nashville mural. So basically every Nashville gem in one place. This is my third time visiting the wall as I make an effort to visit Nashville at least twice a year. I am lucky enough to only be 3ish hours from my favorite city, so I make the trip each summer for a concert at Bridgestone arena and I try to go a couple other times (last year I went to Nash three times!). This summer I got to travel back to my favorite place to see Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth in concert (ahhhhh so good!!!) Literally still swooning. The day after the concert I decided I needed to visit my fave wall again. Here is my ootd and a little blog about the day. 

So this day was basically the best day ever (as long as you include the night before too!) because I saw Shawn Mendes 10 feet from me. To rewind just a bit, I originally bought the concert tickets for Charlie Puth because he's one of my favorite artists (anyone else love the song "Dangerously??" also "We Don't Talk Anymore"? and basically every song of his??).  I did like Shawn's music but I was never obsessed with him (until the concert). The concert was the best one I've ever been to (and I've been to several high-profile concerts so I'm not kidding!). Charlie and Shawn are both amazing performers and sound even better live. So after the concert, my heart was so full from their performances. My fave songs at the concert were "We Don't Talk Anymore", "Suffer" (charlie), "Lights On" (shawn), "Bad Reputation" (shawn), and all of Shawn's hits as well. I mean basically every song from both of them but you might think me a bit obsessive if I say that. 

So after the concert Shawn posted a photo on Instagram that said the Nashville concert was possibly his all-time favorite concert. Swoon!!! I was over the moon (lol anyone get the reference??). Next day, I wanted to go to the Gulch area of Nashville to visit the angel wings again and eat at Biscuit Love (one of the famous restaurants in Nash). After brunch, I was walking around and saw a bunch of girls with Shawn Mendes shirts standing outside a hotel <<insert smirk emoji>> I decided to wait around and see if Shawn would walk out. About an hour later, he walked out of the hotel. I was a little disappointed that he didn't take pics, but I think it's because a bunch of girls ran into the coffeeshop in the hotel where Shawn was buying coffee. Those girls probably ruined it for everybody, but I still got to see him from 10 feet away and I'm going to buy VIP tickets next concert (you wait and see!) 

Needless to say, I was freaking out. I have been listening to Charlie and Shawn's music nonstop since the concert, watching every interview I can find, and constantly checking their social medias. I seriously need help but can you blame me? I went to the Draper James wall after this incident occurred, so I was still so over the moon and having the best day ever. One of the sales girls in the store even complimented my shorts (every blogger's dream right?) I ended the day with a little photo shoot in front of the wall before heading back home. (Cue the part where I stop talking about my current celebrity crushes)

These shorts have already appeared on the blog so I'm sure you are familiar with them. I just love this simple combination with them, especially for super hot summer days like this day in humid Nashville. 

Do any of you have a celebrity crush and/or met one? I've met several Olympic swimmers (including Michael Phelps) and now have seen Shawn from about 10 feet away. Do you have a crazy experience like mine? I would love to know. Also, are you a fan of Shawn and/or Charlie? Let me know below! I would love to hear from you all. Thank you for reading my obsessive story for today.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Shawn!!! And I've met Julianne and Derek Hough, Kieth Urban, and Hunter Kemper! That's so cool that you have met Micheal Phelps!!!

    1. Ah so cool! You've met so many people! Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  2. you should totally start a youtube channel.

    1. Really? I always wanted to do one but I don't think I could do it as often as blogging.