101 in 1001 + and a seersucker dress

I'm doing it. I'm biting the bullet and creating my 101 in 1001 list. This summer, I struggled with setting my expectations too high and then being disappointed come the end of summer. I looked back and realized most of my days were spent working or waiting around to make plans with people or be invited somewhere, which never happened. I've struggled with unrealistic expectations all throughout high school, and I promise to write a post soon about it (once I figure out how to fix this aspect about me that has caused so much anxiety). Until then, I thought this little list would spark some productiveness in me, considering I am a list maker and prone to follow all deadlines to a T. So, here is my 101 in 1001. I also wanted to include this cute seersucker dress, so stay tuned until the bottom for outfit details. 

Start date:  August 1, 2017
End date: April 28, 2020 

// blog //
1. reach 10k followers (I know it's a bit of a stretch- but who knows??)
2. earn money for collaborating with a brand
3. get accepted to Like to Know it (Jan 12, 2018)
4. go on a blogger trip
5. redesign the blog
6. invest in business cards
7. upload a vlog 
8. learn how to properly edit photos 

// health //
9. exercise everyday for a month
10.  drink kombucha
11. eat sauerkraut once a day for a week
12. reach my desired weight goal
13. run up to 5 miles without stopping
14. attend a Barre class 8/20
15. go an entire week without sweets
16. wake up before 7 AM for an entire week

// travel //
17. spend more than a month abroad
18. visit Africa
19. travel abroad by myself
20. visit California
21. go to Nantucket
22. go to Quebec
23. save up money for a future trip to Antarctica
24. study abroad
25. go on a road trip with friends
26. speak French in a French-speaking country 
27. go back to Australia 
28. go back to New York 
29. go back to Boston
30. go to Palm Beach 
31. go to Savannah, Georgia 
32. go to New Orleans

// mental and spiritual //
33. mediate every night for a week
34. journal every night for a week
35. regrow my relationship with God
36. find a church I like
37. read for 30 minutes every night for a month

// fun //
38. learn how to blow-out my hair (November 2017)
39. learn how to tie a bow
40. find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe
41. reread all of my favorite books in one month
42. go apple-picking
43. take my college friends to Max Patch mountain
44. show college friends my hometown (9/2)
45. go on a date
46. go to the farmers market
47. go to a derby
48. go on five hikes 
49. go to five concerts (2/5)- Shawn Mendes/Charlie Puth 7/31; Oh Wonder 10/5; 
50. get a massage
51. bake something off pinterest
52. write letters to my future self 
53. go to the drybar 
54. go to a movie by myself 
55. try twenty new restaurants (14/20)- Biscuit Love 8/1; Flatiron 8/12; Soda Shop 8/13; Tandem 8/26; Mr. Salsa 9/9; Caviar and Bananas 9/10; Famous Toastery 11/4; Sully Steamers; Willy Taco; Happy and Hale, Soby's, Country Ham House, Southern Pressed Juicery, Farmhouse Tacos
56. meet another ISTJ  Claire from Furman!
57. watch the sunrise in the mountains
58. try beignets  

// adulting //
59. take my car to get serviced by myself (got an oil change 12/18)
60. save up $5,000
61. find an adult doctor (haha I still go to the pediatrician)
62. ride a plane by myself 
63. don't eat out for a month 
64. don't buy clothes for a month 
65. find 5 go-to meals (1/5)- stuffed sweet potato 
66. build my credit
67. get a job 

// college //
68. maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA for a semester (Fall 2017)
69. maintain a 4.0 GPA for a semester (Fall 2017)
70. get on the Dean's list (Fall 2017)
71. visit my brother at college 11/4
72. join a sorority (Tri Delta 2018!)
73. become a tour guide
74. go an entire summer without visiting home
75. receive a care package
76. take part in my first research project
77. find an internship i'm passionate about (preferably abroad!) 
78. visit a college friend's hometown- Abby Grace 9/2017
79. host a guest in my dorm room- my overnight for Furman Futures
80. tutor someone in a subject I like 
81. go to a coffeeshop and study (1/28- Spill the Beans)
82. visit a high school friend at college
83. bring someone home for the holidays
84. participate in a campus-wide tradition  (orientation carnival)
85. go to a Greek function
86. tailgate at a football game
87. use my student discount at 10 stores (3/10) J.Crew; Pink Bee; Happy and Hale; 
88. encourage a student from my high school to attend my college 
89. go on a spring break trip with my friends
90. participate in a campus charity event
91. host a Netflix party in my dorm room
92. go on an evening campus walk with friends 
93. show someone around my campus
94. throw someone in the campus lake
95. make a special food request in the dining hall 
96. host a series premier party for a show 
97. get a bike for campus 
98. take a photo with the school mascot
99. join a club on campus (Swim club; Furman Futures)
100. make an awesome group of friends 

101. complete this list!! 

outfit details: dress // shoes 

Thank you all for sticking around to the bottom! I hope you enjoyed this outfit as well as my 101 in 1001 ideas. If I inspire you to create your own list, please leave the link to it in the comments below! I will try to check in with you all every so often to let you know how the progress is going. Please stay tuned for future posts about lowering expectations- something I really want to write about but just have to find the right words to say it with! Happy Tuesday :) 

As always,


  1. Madison, I completely loved reading every goal on your list! I hope you do get to study abroad and grow your relationship deeper in the Lord! (He will never leave nor disappoint you)
    This inspires me to maybe create one of my own.
    xo, Jasmine Grace

    1. I hope you do create one! If you do, send me the link and I'll post it at the bottom of my blog!

  2. Madison, this list is marvelous!! I love how you want to study abroad and go to Antarctica. I loved creating a list of my own last year because it definitely gave me lists of possibilities of things to do.
    Love it!!

    1. Thank you! I've always wanted to go to Antarctica so I hope I can save up money in the next 1001 days for it!