10 items i almost forgot to pack for college (and you might too!)

Hi everyone! So as you know I will soon be moving into my dorm at Furman and while I was pretty confident I had made the most epic list of everything I needed to bring, I started to realize as I was getting closer to move-in that I almost forgot a couple essentials. Now I know the move in "season" is over for some, but I thought I would still share my nuggets of wisdom for you all who are happening to move in later on in August (or even September!) and also have this post for the future. So, I bring to you 10 items that I almost forgot to pack with me to college (and you just might too!). Let me know down below what items you think are easy to forget and/or you forgot when moving in!

1. School supplies

When you're shopping for dorm stuff, the least of your worries is school supplies. You don't need as many binders and notebooks as you had in high school, but you still will want to replenish your supplies for college classes. I got a folder for each class (4), one binder, and two notebooks. I bought some new pencils and then reused all my other supplies. Go minimal on this because your college will more than likely have these supplies in the bookstore when you run low.  

2. Shower shoes

This might just be me, but I almost forgot to pack shower shoes. I don't own a pair of flip flops, so I needed to find a pair that was inexpensive for the showers. I got mine on sale at Gap (similar to the ones at Old Navy). These are just a small item that can often be overlooked- so be sure to get yours before you move in so you can shower after moving in all your stuff- it's definitely a workout!)

3. DVD USB port for laptop

This is definitely one of the more obscure items but one that I think is very important. If you have a Mac, you might not have a CD/DVD port. Because of this, I like to have a DVD USB port for DVDs. This way I can watch movies on my computer and not worry about buying a DVD. So, be sure to bring your ports for DVDs if you want to have a movie night in your dorm. 

4. Ice cube tray

I love ice-cold water, so having an ice cube tray was definitely a necessity for my dorm room. Many people probably over look this because it's not a common dorm item. I think this is great to have especially if you don't really want to use an old ice cube tray that comes with your dorm fridge.

5. Full length mirror

I almost forgot about a mirror for my dorm, but it is an absolute must! I need to have a full-length mirror as a fashion blogger because I need to check my outfit before heading out the door. Check with your roomie and see who wants to bring one. Chances are you already have one at home so you can save money. 

6. Extension rod 

This is one of those items that can come in handy in a variety of ways. (1)- for hanging curtains (2)- for placing a shower curtain in front of your closet if it doesn't have a door (3)- to add more closet space!. I bought one of these just in case I could use it for any of the following, but if not, I can return it! 

7. Umbrella, rain jacket, and rain boots

I keep my umbrella in my car and my rain jacket by the backdoor, so I almost forgot to pack these. I think these are both self-explanatory. You need items for those rainy days walking to class! I saw a girl on my instagram feed who forgot her rain boots, and she realized she forget them on move-in day because it was raining! 

8. Snacks

During the first week of school, you probably won't have time to go to the grocery store. I decided to bring a couple of my fave snacks to stock in my dorm in case I got hungry but didn't want to head to the dining hall. I recommend Lara bars, pretzels, cheese sticks, and Graham crackers!

9. Phone Pocket

This is one of those things that I think will be super handy for my student ID. They stick on the back of your phone and provide easy access for IDs, cards, etc. I got this super last minute because I completely forgot about it.

10. Headphones

The final item is one that I keep in my backpack during the school year and my bedside table over the summer- so I almost looked over packing these completely. I love having several pairs!

I hope you all found this helpful! Let me know below what items you (almost) forgot. I hope you enjoy your move-in process, and, if you are not in college yet, I hope you enjoy your school year!

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