sunflowers and seersucker

If you are lucky enough to live near a sunflower field, I hope you took full advantage of the lovely yellow flowers that brighten up my day. I first heard about this sunflower field last summer, in which I trekked through the fields to find the prettiest flower for pics. This summer, I knew I wanted to take some blog pics here with my Lauren James seersucker dress. I mean seersucker and sunflowers? How much more southern can it get?

I love sunflowers, so much so that I was very disappointed in the fact that this sunflower field won't be here in the next couple of years. I wanted to go to this field ever since the flowers bloomed, but one of my friends is creeped out by sunflowers (which I find hilarious!) and others were unavailable during off days from work. So, I asked my momma if she would want to visit the sunflowers with me before they all died (I know, a bit morbid right?? but these only last a couple weeks in July!). So, we took a little trip to the fields and took in the beautiful yellow hues. 

And to add a little sparkle to the day, I wore my Lauren James seersucker dress. Like I said before, seersucker and sunflowers seem just as southern as sweet tea and monograms. I love the classic combination- it reminds me of sitting on a back porch in a little country town. Ah- now I'm having visions of being a Southern Belle. Mind me while I go grab my sunhat and fan!

And please excuse my bow-tying skills. Add that to my list of things I need to learn whilst at college. Bows are tricky for me. Anyone else feel that way? I need help ASAP. 

outfit details: dress // shoes 

If you know of a sunflower field near you, please go visit before they are all gone! Sunflowers are such a unique species and I love getting to see them in bloom. And while you are there, snap a few photos as sunflowers brighten every photo! Hope you all enjoy these last rays of summer before school starts!

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  1. Absolutely adorable!! Bows are so hard haha but I think Lauren James has a tutorial for how to tie them on their YouTube channel!

    1. Yes I have seen it and I'm getting better at it. But I cannot get this bow! I guess it's because it is on my back haha!