babydoll dress with a touch of pink

shein white babydoll dress pink bow jack rogers lauren sandals

I think everyone needs a simple dress that is flowy and comfortable. These dresses are perfect for summer because you literally put one piece of clothing on and a pair of shoes and the outfit is complete! This runs true for the outfit showcased today. And the dress I'm talking about? This lovely babydoll dress from Shein. And it has a surprise on the back, so be sure to read all the way through to see it! 

shein white babydoll dress jack rogers lauren sandals

Now let me elaborate on why this dress is the perfect casual dress. First- the length. The hemline of this dress hits a couple inches above my 5'3 frame, meaning it's a flirty length. The ruffled stitching on the hem of the dress also adds to the flirty tone. 

Dresses like this one are so easy to move around in as well. They are lightweight and have just the right movement in them. I also love the sleeve detailing on this dress, which makes it such an elegant, but still comfy, casual dress. 

shein babydoll dress jack rogers lauren sandals

pink bow babydoll dress shein

And look- I promised a cute little surprise! The back of this dress has a pink bow that makes this the perfect casual dress ever. period. 

jack rogers lauren sandals cognac

Sticking with the comfy theme for shoes, I went with my Jack Rogers Lauren sandals- the scalloped detailing on them is perfect for a subtle touch of preppiness in a casual look. 

And to add to the fun of this post, I have a funny story to share with you all that happened while I was shooting this look. As I was twirling around and posing (like in the picture below!) one of my pearl earrings fell out of my ear. So, in most of the pictures from this look, you can only see one earring and that's because I only had one in! To make things worse, I had another look to shoot. I didn't know at the time that an earring had fallen out, so I looked in the mirror to adjust my lipstick and started worrying because I had no idea where my pearl went! I solved the mystery later that night as I was looking through my photos. Always double check that your earrings are on after twirling around for photos I guess!

senior photo ideas

You need to get this dress. Like right now. It's so perfect for summer and even the start of back to school season (ugh- but at least you can wear a cute new dress to class!) Let me know below what you look for in a casual dress. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!

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  1. You look gorgeous in these photos, even with one pearl! Love this dress, especially the adorable bow in the back! Ah, I hate earrings that don't stay in! One time I was on stage dancing and doing all sorts of strenuous activities, I got offstage after one dance was done and I was missing an earring! I was stressed out for the remaining hour and a half of the show that I would step on it onstage or someone else would!
    xx Jocelyn //

    1. Oh no! When I used to dance one of my earrings was loose before dancing and I tried to fix it but I couldn't, so the whole time I was worried it would fly out! And it wasn't a stud earring so it would have hurt! Thank you for your sweet comment! xoxo

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