my graduation

Happy Sunday friends!!

I graduated Friday night, and I am so excited to show you all the photos I took. I also want to give a little overview of the night and all the wonderful things that happened leading up to and after graduation. It was such an incredible moment to walk down the football field and hear "Pomp and Circumstance", walk across the stage with my diploma, turn the tassel to the left, sing the alma mater, and throw my cap up in the air. If you have graduation coming up, you have so much to look forward to. All your hard work culminates into that one night rewarding your success and achievement. Congratulations to all you fellow grads and good luck to the rising seniors for the class of 2018!

Like I mentioned in my graduation dress guide, I wore a white seersucker Lauren James dress. I think white looks so classic for graduation so if you are still deciding on what to wear I suggest white! I paired the outfit with these Soludos wedges. I was nervous I would trip in them because you have to tie them in place, but I double knotted them and they were the easiest wedges to walk in. They were fairly comfortable- except when I had to stand for an hour before walking out while waiting for everyone to arrive. 

For makeup I wanted something that would look effortless in pictures, so I did my everyday makeup routine but heavier on the blush and mascara. I also wore my favorite lipstick, Anastasia Beverly Hills in Catnip. For hair, I curled my hair flat on a curling iron and then pinned the curls in place and let them set for about an hour. It allowed for bouncier curls that would last the entire evening.

(me with my twin brother, Taylor)

Now onto the actual graduation. The forecast predicted almost 90 degree weather. The first 20 minutes of the ceremony were excruciatingly hot because the sun was beating down on the football field. If I haven't mentioned, my school graduates on our football field which is such a special experience. It's amazing to be able to all be together in one place on our school's campus, especially the football field since a lot of school experiences are centered around the field.

The rest of the ceremony was wonderful, and I wish I could relive it again. 

  Here is a photo from the night before graduation at baccalaureate. I wore a completely different outfit but I still wore a white dress and neutral shoes. 

 To all of you still in high school waiting to get out: that was me all junior and senior year. Senioritis is completely ok (and might I add real!), but try to enjoy this time. Your chapter is about to close, so make memories while you can. Congratulations class of 2017, and may your next adventure be amazing. 

Remember: "live boldly, push yourself, don't settle" 

And, as always,

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