lately in my life: april

Hi you guys!

The month of April has been absolutely insane. Hands down one of the busiest months for me of senior year, which goes without saying considering I graduate in May!! I am so excited to embark on the next chapter in my life, but I first have to get through 2 weeks of school in May and then all the graduation festivities, which I am so excited for! Like I said, April is one of the busiest months at my school, especially for seniors. I felt like I had something going on each night, so I have severely gotten behind on my AP exam studying. I had 5 banquets (if I counted correctly which I probably didn't), prom, concerts for friends, and events during the school day. All my friends are starting to have graduation parties as well, and mine is this Saturday!

Everything is falling into place for college- I have officially submitted my scholarship acceptance and registered for summer orientation. I am planning on announcing where I am going to college, but I will probably wait until this summer. 

This post will be  super long. I've posted pictures along the way to make up for the length of this post! I wanted to share with you all a glimpse into my life, so I guess I will start with milestones on my blog.

// blog //

April 15th I did my first ever livestream on Instagram. It was a little rough, not gonna lie, but I had so much fun, and I am definitely planning on doing one again soon. Probably after graduation though because this girl is not slowing down!

J.Crew commented on one of my photos in March and asked if they could potentially use it on their social media. Now it's just a waiting game to see if they will post it, but I was fangirl-ing very hard!

I also reached 700 followers- 700!! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that 700 people would follow theclassicmadison. I love doing this and because of your support, I am able to continue this passion of mine. Thank you to all of you! I am planning on doing my first giveaway at 1000 followers (and it will be Lilly Pulitzer themed!) I have two Lilly swell bottles that I never opened and I thought one of them would be perfect to give away! I hope you all want one- even if the craze has died down! 

I have also been accepted as an Influence Her Collective (part of Her Campus) and the Shelf blogging network. I am super excited to be joining several blogging communities that can help me to grow my blog and love for fashion. If anyone knows of any companies that are currently looking for reps, please let me know because I have wanted to do that for a while but haven't found any that suit my interests. 

// school banquets //

April and May are the months of academic banquets galore. For two weeks straight I had something almost every night. With lots of fancy occasions comes lots of dresses, hurt feet from high heels, and hair and makeup all the time. To show you all a glimpse into my everyday style, I thought I would show you all the outfits from a couple of my banquets!

orchestra concert:

I'm not in the orchestra but several of my friends are, so I went to support them in their last high school performance. This is my friend Sarah who did a fantastic job in her performance. It was one of my favorites from the night.  I wore a striped dress from Target, army jacket from Old Navy, gold glitter sandals from Target, and tassel earrings from Red Dress boutique. These tassel earrings have been on repeat for all the events I go to because they match with just about everything. 

 Scholar Banquet:

I also attended a scholars banquet for my school which honors the top 25 students in my class. Here is a pic with me and my brother. I wore an old red dress from Francesca's that had a classic flared shape. I love wearing red for banquets because it makes me feel powerful! 

french banquet: 

outfit details: dress (old J.Crew) // earrings // shoes 
This is probably new information to some of my followers, but I actually take French! I am in AP French this year, and I absolutely love the language. I am the president of the French club and honor society at my school << Madame President >> (lol), so I helped plan an induction ceremony for the newest members of the club. Here is a pic with Sarah, who has been featured on the blog several times. We got it in front of my high school, so I cropped the top of the photo out so I wouldn't reveal my school! I've had such great opportunities with French in high school and I am really going to miss it next year. However, I have decided to continue French with a potential minor in it (or of course just taking a French class each year!) If any of you speak French, please let me know! I do apologize for the quality of these photos- they aren't with my camera or photographer- just my iphone!

I attended a couple other banquets as well, but these were definitely the highlights!

// prom //

My senior prom was also in the midst of all these activities! I have a blogpost specifically for prom, so check it out here. This is a little preview.

If you have made it this far, I just want to say thank you! These next couple of weeks are going to be super busy for me, so please bear with me until I can get my fashion posts back up! I recently shot 3 looks, but I will be shooting more very soon. Until then, I hope these lifestyle posts are ok!

As always,

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