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Last Friday was my last high school dance. It's bittersweet- I love dances and have always enjoyed the anticipation with formal and prom, but I am also so ready to graduate. In total I have attended 6 high school dances, but I have also attended several "dance parties" that my friends have had with DJs and fancy clothes. By far, senior prom has been the best prom and school dance. I loved my dress, hair and makeup, had a great time with my date, and enjoyed all the people I got to dance with. As promised, I want to show you all some of my favorite pictures from prom as well as a few little stories. Enjoy : )

 The first pic is with my friend Sarah. This was one of my favorite photos from the night!

I absolutely LOVED my hair, but it took at least an hour and a half. I had no idea it would take that long, so the whole time I was in the salon I kept thinking "am I going to have time to do my makeup??" Timing ended up being fine but definitely didn't expect my hair to take so long!

A lot of you all were interested in what shoes I was wearing for prom, and I settled on these light pink suede scalloped heels (lots of adjectives in that description) from Marc Fisher. They were comfortable, however, after standing around taking pictures for 2 hours (not kidding, I had to wait around for my brother and his friends haha) the soles of my feet definitely started hurting. I took my shoes off on the way to prom and then put them back on for about 45 min, then took them off to dance the night away. 

Here is a pic of me with my date, Gavin! He's a good friend of mine and we had a great time!

Here is one of my favorites with my brother Taylor! He's my twin if you didn't know! I want to feature him on a livestream sometime soon so hopefully you all will see him in the near future. 

Remember when I said pictures took 2 hours? That's because I went to my friend Emma's house (wearing the black dress) for about 30 minutes and then went to meet up with other friends somewhere else! 

Here is a pic with my sophomore friend, Greer! I went to prom as a sophomore, so it's fun to see sophomores go to prom! She and I ended up with the same dress (as well as two other people) but it didn't really matter because the colors of the dresses made them look so much different. Greer is such a cutie!

It was supposed to storm the night of prom, but luckily the storm held off until during prom. That is literally a God-send considering my hair was a fluff ball by the end of the night but looked fabulous in pictures. Remember in my prom advice post when I talked about senior prom being the least stressful? I did stress out a bit the night before because of the storm and finalizing all the group pic plans (which worked out perfectly) and then I stressed as I was making sure my friends and I would be ready in time. But overall, least stressful prom by far. 

Outfit details: Dress // shoes // earrings 

 And a silly "sorority girl" pic with Taylor. I didn't include any group pictures just to protect the privacy of all the friends in the pic, so sorry about that!

After prom, Taylor's friends came to our house and my mom made us all "breakfast" foods and we watched Bee Movie. I fell asleep 10 minutes into the movie and then woke back up at 2:00 am to go to bed, but just goes to show you don't have to be crazy and party after prom to have fun! I enjoyed eating pancakes at 12:00 am! 

At prom, one of my friends commented how this was the last time we all would be dancing together. That thought really hit me that I won't be seeing my friends every day really soon. We will never all be together the same way we have been throughout high school. To all the friends I dance with each and every year- thank you for making each dance so memorable. You all mean so much to me and I am so sad that we will never get to dance the same way again. You all have made each dance so much fun, especially the last one. Thank you for making memories with me <3

Senior prom was the best prom I have ever had, and I am still thinking about all the songs I jammed out to on the dance floor. Cherish the memories you make with your friends at prom, especially as a senior, because these are some of the last memories you will make in high school. 

Thank you all for reading. Once again giving a huge shoutout to my photographer Sydney! You can check out her links at the bottom of this post. Also be sure to read about my prom advice if your prom is coming soon!

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