what's in my kate spade purse?

Hey y'all! Today I am showing you a fashion staple of mine- my pink scalloped Kate Spade purse. Even though this purse is such a statement, the size and style is perfect for me so I make it work year round. I love seeing what people keep in their purses, so I thought I would do my rendition of "what's in my purse?"

|| the bag ||
I purchased this beauty off of Poshmark for half the price (only $150!) I am not sure if this exact purse is still available from Kate Spade, but check out the outlets and Poshmark. It's the perfect size for me especially since I don't have to carry all that much in my purse anyways. Another note- I never take my purse to school, so some of my purse necessities are kept in my backpack during the school year. 

|| the bare necessities ||

Here it is: almost all the contents of my purse spilled out for the internet to see (besides a few medical and personal items that will be highlighted further below). 

1- kate spade wallet: you can't have a post about a purse without featuring the wallet. I love this wallet because it holds all my stuff without being too bulky or inaccessible

2- sunglasses: these are generally kept in the cup holder of my car (anyone else do that??), but when I need to these beauties go in my purse

3- headphones: I always find some use for headphones and I usually don't have them, so I try to keep some headphones either in my backpack or purse. These are my favorite, which I generally find at target for less than $10

4- L'occitane hand cream: if you need hand cream, please go to sephora and buy this one. It is so nice and leaves your hands feeling so smooth and not greasy at all. I have several of these and they are always in my purse. 

5- hand sanitizer: I absolutely hate it when I need hand sanitizer and no one around me has any, so I try to keep some in my purse at all times. This one is a Christmas scent, but it works right?

6- lipstick: whatever lipstick I am wearing, I toss it in my purse or backpack so I can reapply it. Sometimes I'll have a lot of different lipsticks from when I forget to put them back in my makeup supply. This liquid lipstick from NYX is always in my purse 

7- coin purse (purchased at a local boutique)- I hate spare change, so whenever I have some I like to put it into this little pouch so it doesn't collect at the bottom of my purse

8- gum: similar to hand sanitizer, it's always an unfortunate situation when no one around you has gum, so I try to keep some with me in both my backpack and purse at all times

9- keys & phone: definitely necessities 

10- hair accessories pouch (also from a local boutique)- I love this cute little pouch, which I keep extra hair ties and bobby pins in. Keeping little pouches like these help organize your stuff and clean up your purse

|| emphasize on organization || 

Like I mentioned above, I love little pouches. These are always impulse buys from boutiques, but they have great use for makeup, hair accessories, personal items, and money. The sparkly pink pouch is a manicure case also from a local boutique, which is handy for travel!

|| personal items ||

To the less glamorous aspect of this post, all girls have their own combination of necessities for all their personal needs. Of course feminine products are needed, but I also like to include bandaids for when my feet blister. I also always have Advil and Tums on me. And since I am a contact wearer, I keep some rewetting drops. These are useful especially at school when I'm looking at a computer all day. Finally, for all pet owners, a lint roller is a must. I keep a mini one in my bag for when my cat hair travels with me. 

Thank you all for reading! I hope this has encouraged you to keep your purse organized or given you some ideas about what to keep in your purse! 

As always,

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