navy scalloped dress

Today I am showing you all an outfit that is useful for more formal occasions. I recently wore this to a Model UN conference, but I also think that such an outfit would be perfect for an interview (job or school), a banquet, work, or just for fun. Throw on a pair of flats to make the outfit perfect for everyday wear. Now onto the outfit- Blair Waldorf vibes anyone?

Layering a shift dress over a  button down shirt is a classic outfit that can be worn all seasons. However, add some flair to the outfit with a trendy item such as scallops or stripes. I think that the scallops make the outfit- without them the dress would be too simple.

I of course have to brag on this J.Crew scallop dress a bit- I have two of them and I absolutely love them. They are comfortable but dressy at the same time and are so flattering. Highly recommend. J.Crew has two new colors on their website at the moment.

I have raved about these shoes before, but I just had to include them in this outfit. The Mary Jane style goes so well with the Blair Waldorf and school girl-esque outfit. Not to mention these shoes are so comfortable and easy to walk in!

For accessories, I just decided to add some pearl earrings and a swipe of pink lipstick. This pairing works great with navy as well!

I hope you all enjoyed! I love switching things up and showing more dressy outfits, so let me know what you think!

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