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I'm a girl who loves adventure. Recently, I took my best friend to a bald in the Great Smokey Mountains called Max Patch, which I have to say has some of the best views I have ever seen. But sometimes when hiking or doing adventurous things, it is hard to look stylish. However, I figured out the perfect outfit combination to not only feel comfortable, but look great if you wish to take pictures. And yes, I have to admit, my friend and I are pretty basic. But if you find a pretty view, why not take pictures there? As you can tell from the photo above, Lauren and I both felt that olive green was the perfect color for hiking, but don't you agree?

First, you're gonna need a pair of shoes suitable for the activity. I grabbed my classic white converse, and they held up fine for the low-difficulty hike to the summit of the bald. My friend also went for some colored converse. If you don't want your white converse to get dirty, you might want to consider wearing colored converse or regular tennis shoes. My chucks did get a little dirty but I can simply throw them in the washing machine to clean them. 

Now onto the fun stuff. I recommend a pair of comfy skinny jeans or leggings, something that you won't mind walking in. I went for a pair of medium rise stretchy skinny jeans from GAP. Gap makes my favorite jeans, so I tend to gravitate towards my Gap jeans when going for comfort. Make sure if you wear jeans that they aren't too tight or too low rise. If you wear one of these styles of jeans, they might have a tendency to be uncomfortable in semi-strenuous activity. Key tip: wear pants that you would feel comfortable sitting in at school.
For tops, layering is "top" priority. To go with the fall colors of the mountains, I went for a swingy spaghetti strap top from Old Navy (from last year's fall clearance section). Olive green is perfect for fall and works with everyone's complexion. I kept jewelry minimal, and just wore some Alex and Ani bracelets For my hair, I loosely curled it because I wanted everything to look more natural. But of course, the wind made my hair look a little frizzy, so spray in some hairspray to keep your locks in place. 

For the final layering piece, I chose my Vineyard Vines navy shep shirt. Shep shirts are perfect for hiking because they keep you warm but never too hot. The sun was beating down on us while we were hiking to the bald, but at the bald the wind was very strong. The shep shirt was perfect to keep the weather conditions from making me too cold in my tank top. I also love the pattern of this shep shirt- it has the whales on a pale blue background- super cute!! I also threw on some random sunglasses that suit my face well. 

I think when it comes to adventures, it is not about the outfit or the photo. But there is nothing wrong with a little bit of fun when it comes to a little fashion here and there. And nature is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot- so use it when you can! Ultimately keep comfort in mind, but don't be afraid to look cute on the trails. 

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