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While I often share about fun and trendy pieces, sometimes you need to take a step back and assess what is going on in your closet. If you feel overwhelmed with what you have to wear, or you feel like your style needs a refresh, then go back to the basics. When I first started buying clothes for myself, I often looked for items that were a bit more neutral and timeless that could be worn over and over again and never really go out of style. It's fun to have trendy and colorful pieces, but at the end of the day you do need pieces that will carry over through many different trends. I've rounded up a few items I believe everyone needs in their closet. Now obviously you don't need every single thing on this list (I don't even think I have all of these things), but it is a great place to start. 

When picking out more basic staples, sometimes fit is better to spend a bit more money on them so you can get a great quality piece. Sweaters, jeans, coats, etc. can last you a long time and if you want a basic piece you can wear for a decade, invest in something a little more pricey. I love J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Tuckernuck, and Kate Spade for pieces that I can trust and wear for years. 

I do show a LOT of pieces in this post. So to help shopping and budgeting sake, I made little recaps at the bottom of each section to highlight the items that are non-negotiable for your closet. If you see something you really like that I share, I would love if you shopped through one of my links, or at least head to that retailer site to purchase a similar item from there (if you came with a mind to shop anyways!). These are my favorite posts to do, but they take a lot of time on my part! 

// outfit details //

coat-similar // sweater // skirt- old J.Crew, similar // heels // necklace 

// TOPS // 

A great place to start investing nice clothing in is in your tops. Items such as plain white blouses, layering sweaters, and turtlenecks will be in style for years to come, and you can find high-quality pieces from stores your know and love. I recommend finding a few quality white and black blouses that you can wear with a variety of outfits. Further, find a few regular t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, such as a striped or turtleneck one, that you can layer with. 

For sweaters, always have at least one white cable knit, a neutral color to layer, and a black sweater of some sort. These can be worn in a variety of ways and will never go out of style. 

so recap for tops:
1. basic white tee
2. black sweater (turtleneck is a plus)
3. neutral sweater
4. white cable knit sweater
5. basic long sleeve you love
6. basic white blouse 
7. white button down


You honestly don't need as many staple bottoms as you might think, but I laid out a few good items to start with. You obviously are going to want to find a pair of jeans you absolutely love and feel great in. This could be a skinny jean, a straight leg, a flare crop, boyfriend jeans, etc. Get a few good pairs you love and continue to purchase from brands you trust. I also recommend finding a sturdy pair of white jeans (J.Crew makes a great pair, and Old Navy sometimes has a great selection), as well as black jeans you love. Then, add in your work pants and dressier pants, such as black cigarette pants.

For skirts, you must have a neutral a-line skirt and a black mini skirt. These go with everything and can be worn year round. I also recommend finding another neutral skirt you love and then a plaid or checkered skirt of some sort. 

recap for bottoms:
1. pair of jeans you love (start with skinny + looser straight leg)
2. black jeans
3. sturdy white jeans
4. neutral a-line skirt
5. black mini skirt 


Dresses can be a bit tricky because it's hard to find good, simple dresses. I recommend finding a few casual dresses you love such as a shirt dress or t-shirt dress. Then find a few summery dresses, such as a white one or this pink one I shared. And then find a dress for the fall and winter, such as a navy or dark patterned one. 

You cannot go wrong with a LBD, so find one you love and stick with it. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra on it. Also find a high-quality cocktail/party dress you can wear for years to come. I have one from Kate Spade I love, and this red one is gorgeous too. Invest in a black sweater dress that you can wear in the winter, and also consider some more mod-style dresses such as the tan and black one on the bottom left. 

recap for dresses:
1. little black dress (can be worn to work, parties, dates, etc!)
2. shirt dress or casual tee dress
3. a cocktail dress you feel fab in!
4. one solid color spring/summer dress
5. one solid color fall/winter dress
6. black sweater dress


A well-fitted blazer is a must, not just for work but also for casual, classic style. Find one you love and keep it for years. J.Crew always has a great selection, and so does Banana Republic and Express. Find a few other blazers as you get more comfortable in your style, such as a plaid one or a navy one. Find yourself a good black jacket of some sort, whether it be leather, black denim, or corduroy. These are great for going out, but also for wearing with a simple white tee and jeans. 

For coats, start with the basics. You will need a more hefty winter coat, such as a fur-lined black one, as well as a trench coat that you can wear in the winter as well as the fall and early spring. Then I suggest finding a statement coat you love, such as the blue one in the graphic. If you want more variety in your coats, invest in a quilted jacket or even a Barbour jacket, these seriously are timeless.

I also added a cardigan/sweater blazer because they truly work all the time. I used to own like 20 cardigans which aren't all in style now, but my more neutral and oversized ones are fantastic for layering.

I also forgot to throw this into the graphic, but if you don't own a jean jacket right now, I don't know what you're doing. I find that it's best to try on jean jackets in store, at places such as thrift stores and boutiques (boutiques kinda have the best ones!). A jean jacket will never go out of style, and it is so easy to throw over anything.

recap for jackets and coats:
1. well-fitted blazer
2. black jacket of some sort 
3. jean jacket
4. black coat
5. trench coat 

// SHOES // 

You can't complete an outfit without a good pair of shoes. Here are some that I have worn for years (or have similar ones of). Neutral flats are such a good piece to have, including a gorgeous pair of black or nude d'orsay flats. I love my cheetah print loafers, so I included a similar pair here too. You will need some heels to get through life, and it's always great to have a simple and comfortable nude and black pair. 

Black booties are a great investment too, because they really never go out of style. I also suggest investing in a good pair of black boots and brown leather (or riding) boots. Further, consider finding a fun, yet simple pair of sneakers that are different from athletic sneakers. These go great with jeans, casual dresses, and more. 

recap for shoes:
1. black flats
2. nude flats
3. nude heels
4. black heels
5. black booties
6. fashion sneakers 
7. a pair of simple tall boots


Gotta love accessorizing!! I kept it simple here, but obviously choose what your heart desires. I think neck scarves are really great to have on hand, including a simple black one. You will want to have at least one thick winter scarf that you can wear for years, so an animal print or plaid one is your best bet. Find simple, yet stylish gold or silver jewelry to wear with your outfits. 

I am inspired by current trends for my accessories, but some of the items I shared seriously will never go out of style. There might be variations to each item, but investing in good accessories that you can wear for years to come is the way to go. I like looking at places such as Kate Spade, J.Crew, Kendra Scott, and Tuckernuck for fabulous accessories.

recap for accessories:
1. neck scarf
2. everyday jewelry you love
3. winter scarf
4. neutral purse that you love

// outfit details //

coat-similar // sweater // skirt- old J.Crew, similar // heels // necklace 

The outfit I shared with this post has some of my favorite staple items in it: a neutral long coat (similar to the trench coat), a black turtleneck sweater, neutral skirt, and everyday jewelry. I also wore my favorite, very classic and timeless, tweed heels from Kate Spade. 

Let me know below what your must-have wardrobe staples are. I think that having solid pieces like these can allievatie a lot of stress when it comes to styling outfits, and once you have these items, your closet feels a bit more complete. I think next week I'll be back with a post showing outfit combos with these items! The combos are almost endless but maybe it'll encourage you a bit more!

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