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I never expected to wear midi skirts. I'm petite (5'4 on a good day), and my torso is not super proportionate to my legs (I could get away with wearing a tall top but need petite pants). I've had a few midi skirts before (insert pic from one of my first midi skirt purchases), but I truthfully don't find them super flattering on me if they go much further below the knee. I bought two back on New Year's Eve when I did a shopping purge before my no-spend-on-clothing January started (which is still going successfully btw!), and I found two adorable midi skirts on super sale. I could only get them in regular length, and to be honest I probably need to get these hemmed because they are a bit too long for me. If you are interested in incorporating midi skirts into your life (1- they are comfortable, 2- they are the show of the outfit and fairly easy to style, 3- they can be flattering on everyone as long as you know what length works best for you!). Stick around to find out ways to style these skirts!

// style 1: with heels + blouse //

skirt (old from J.Crew) // heels-old March Fisher, similar here 

In the image above you can see my attempt at a Parisian outfit from a few years back. This is an old midi skirt from J.Crew, but it is my best-fitting one length-wise because it hits just an inch or two below the knee. If you are on the shorter end, this is the type of skirt I would go for because it doesn't cut you off mid-calf like some other midi skirts do. The heels add an extra bit of height which elongates the legs. If you don't want to wear heels, consider espadrilles, small block heels, or flats with a bit of a block heel

// style 2: with a sweater and boots //

leopard midi skirt  (on sale for only $20!!) // turtleneck sweater (super soft!!) // boots // headband // heart necklace

I wanted to go out of my comfort zone with this leopard midi skirt, so I paired it with some fun cream boots and a super soft turtleneck sweater. I did a mini French tuck with the sweater, but if you want the sweater fully tucked in you can tuck it into your bra and pull out the rest (if you don't know what I'm talking about, there is a Tik Tok hack where you can put the hem of a sweater or sweatshirt into your bra to crop it a bit and then you pull out the top until you like the fit). I prefer to do a French tuck but adjust your top as needed! Because this skirt didn't come in petites (or was sold out when I purchased), I pulled it up as high as it would fit on me without sliding down. I want to get this skirt hemmed in the future because I admit it is a bit long, but I think the boots I added made up for the extra length. These boots fit super small on the calves, so I recently have been adding rubbing alcohol and water to the inside and wearing them to stretch them out. I love them too much to get rid of them so hopefully they start fitting more comfortably (which they already do- but still a bit tight on my athletic calves!) 

When you have a statement skirt like this, you can either keep accessories simple or dress it up. I added some Kendra Scott jewelry (including the heart necklace I linked that I have been wearing non-stop!). I also finished the look with a pink headband from J.Crew. The pink tied into the pink spots of the skirt without being overbearing. 

If you decide to pair a sweater with your midi skirt, make sure the colors in the sweater don't overwhelm the skirt. Stick to neutrals (or if your skirt is neutral, stick to a solid color). Opt for thinner over bulky sweaters too. This cable knit is the perfect thickness for its type of sweater- not too bulky or uncomfortable on the neck like other turtleneck sweaters! 

// style 3: with sneakers //

So this outfit is DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to go for it anyways! This skirt 100% needs to be hemmed, but can you blame me for wanting to wear it and take photos in front of this pink wall? I paired it with the same turtleneck sweater, but this time I wore my favorite New Balance sneakers. You could also style this with a graphic tee and denim jacket or cardigan (I think I'll try that next with this number!). 

As you can tell the skirt cuts me off right at my calves, so I think a hemming of a few inches would be much more flattering. If you are shorter or have short legs, consider purchasing a petite. Sadly a lot of brands making these midi skirts only have them in one length, but I'll be on the hunt for petite lengths as the temps get warmer!

What is your favorite way to style a midi skirt? You can dress them up or down in so many ways, and I'm excited to experiment with them as the weather gets nicer. Click through the carousel below to see some more midi skirts worth checking out!

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