six new year's eve outfit ideas

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So I know we aren't even at Christmas yet, but now is the time to start making decisions about what you are wearing for NYE! While I am not going to any parties or crowded places, my family is going to a small fancy restaurant for a nice dinner. Even though I don't need to wear anything super fancy, I bought some items a few weeks back (which I share in the last photo!) to wear for the occasion. Please make smart choices about what you do on NYE. We are in such a bad place with COVID right now, and I know we are all ready for 2020 to end, but COVID does not stop when the clock strikes 12 on December 31. Your actions through this holiday season can make or break COVID in the US. You can totally wear heels and a velvet dress for a cocktail at home, or dress a little nicer to a small dinner or tiny gathering. It's also totally ok to not have any outfits planned for the evening at all, as I am planning on switching to PJs to watch Titanic before the ball drops! To shop any of the posts, click on the pink words below!

// champagne at home //

earrings // headband // sweater // jeans (my fave!) // flats

// casual sparkle //

// these boots were made for sparklin' //

// martini on the couch, please? //

// simple + chic shine // 

// what I'm wearing NYE //

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