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seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo // kitsch masks // Trader Joe's buffalo chicken dip // powder dry shampoo

Before we finish off this crazy year, I wanted to share some of my favorite products and purchases throughout 2020. These are very random lol, but I love sharing product recommendations with y'all! You can click on any pink text to view the product on its original website. 

// Elta MD PM Therapy //

I have always had the hardest time finding a light-weight yet moisturizing night cream. If I use too much, I feel it on my face in the morning and/or it clogs my pores. I use the Elta MD sunscreen moisturizer (which is what my dermatologist recommends), so I bought this on Amazon when I had enough with my other night time moisturizers. It does the trick and I recommend it to anyone with normal/combo skin looking for good and lightweight night cream! 

// Invisibobbi Hair ties //

 I finally tried the invisibobbi hair ties this year, and I think they are simply the best! I hate hair ties getting stuck in my hair, but I also get annoyed at the no-crease hair ties that fall out in a few hours. These hair ties are the best of both worlds because they keep your hair in place, have limited creasing, don't snag, and also are super cute in your hair!

// gold hoops // 

These have been a constant grab to complete any outfit this year! They are a dupe for the Madewell gold chunky hoops, and I feel like they add just a touch of trendiness to any outfit and brighten up my face! 

// Jergens Weightless Wet Skin Moisturizer //

I absolutely hate putting on lotion once I am out of the shower (I guess I'm lazy when it comes to self-care LOL). However, this moisturizer is super easy! You apply right after you turn the water off in the shower (so completely on wet skin!), and then you pat dry. It smells great and has kept my skin feeling clean and moisturized. 

// Book of the Month //

So I made a goal to get more into reading during the quarantine, and even though my December book count has been minimal, I was able to keep in the habit of reading with Book of the Month! You select one book a month out of the 5 selected books, and you can add two more books to your box for an extra charge! Many of these books are brand new, early released, or by new authors. I have found some of my favorite books through this app/subscription, and I can't wait to pick out some more books in January!

// seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo //

This novel is my absolute favorite read from the entire year! It takes you through the life story of an Old-Hollywood actress, including her seven marriages and what went wrong with each. Such a poignant novel and you won't want to stop reading it! 

// kitsch masks //

These masks are comfy, stylish, and don't gape if you have a smaller face! I love the patterns and they are easy to wash. I recommend soaking them in your face wash so any soaps or detergents don't irritate your skin. 

// Trader Joe's Buffalo Chicken Dip //

I saw someone share this on Instagram and I have not stopped buying it since. I admittedly will go through an entire container within 2 days because it is literally one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. Highly recommend to any buffalo chicken lovers or spicy food fans! 

// pret-a-powder //

This powder dry shampoo is fantastic! I tap the bottle to release the amount I need for my hair, and I find it is easier to control than dry shampoos in a can! The smell is really great too. 

// It Cosmetics Lash Blowout Mascara //

I found this mascara through Tik Tok and have been obsessed ever since. It lengthens, volumizes, and curls lashes to make them look like they were freshly blown out! It is on the pricey side for mascara, but since I don't wear falsies or get lash extensions I think it's worth it! 

// drybar Jump Start Blow Dry Serum //

I feel like everyone has gotten into doing at home blow-outs this year, and I have always loved using drybar products to achieve a nice blowout. I bought this serum this year and it helps dry my hair faster, smells amazing, and tames down the frizz. I recommend everything from this brand!

// pink and gold rimmed wine glasses //

I got these wine glasses for my birthday and they are stunning! The bottom of the glass is a dyed pink which seeps through the stem, and the top is rimmed in gold! A beautiful addition to any bar cart or cabinet!

// headbands //

I have always loved headbands, but I wore them quite a bit this year! I love this one from J.Crew, but I also have tons linked throughout my posts. I recommend any from J.Crew and J.Crew Factory!

// Snail Bee High Content Essence //

I saw this on a skincare tik-toker after realizing I wanted to add an essence to my skincare routine. Essences are like a serum but they are used before moisturizing to add hydration and/or anti-wrinkle properties. This product is great to use at night as age-prevention and for acne. Definitely recommend! 

// Lululemon tennis skirt //

I finally restocked on a bigger size in tennis skirts this year and I wore them so much! I love how tennis skirts just look a little bit nicer than shorts or leggings, and with wearing athleisure so much this year, it made me feel a bit more put together. 

// Essie "go go geisha" polish //

I don't paint my nails a whole lot, but when I do, this is the color I reach for. It's the perfect pinky-nude, especially for skin tones that are more on the cool side. I love all Essie polish! 

// white boots //

I finally hopped on the white boots trend, and I love this pair so much! They fit great and they aren't too uncomfortable for a heeled shoe. They have a croc-embossed detail which is super cute, and they have a classic shape to them which makes them go effortlessly with many outfits and styles! 

// Anthropologie blouse //

I remember seeing this blouse on a ton of influencers during the spring, and I pulled the plug and bought it on sale in the summer. Every single time I wear this blouse, I receive tons of compliments. I highly recommend it! 

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