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Hey everyone!

For the next few weeks I am teaming up with a group of other bloggers to share gift guides for each enneagram type! As an enneagram one, I value practical, timeless, yet thoughtful gifts. I tend to ask for clothing, shoes, skincare items, and items for daily use such as planners, college-related things (new backpacks, water bottles, etc), and future apartment items (such as drink ware, charcuterie boards, etc.). Today the Enneagram One's are sharing, so go check out my Instagram to see who else is joining in the fun! 

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to purchase an item I share on this list through the link I provide, I will receive a small commission. This does not affect the price of your purchase, but the retailer does pay me a small monetary compensation. This helps my blog keep going, so I would appreciate your support! 

// planner //

How can you have an enneagram one gift guide and not include a planner? Enneagram ones are perfectionists and like order, so planners are great to gift (as long as you check first what type they like best!). 
I love any from Day Designer or Blue Sky.

// gift cards // 

Enneagram Ones know what they want and they like practical gifts. Gift cards to their favorite places would sure to please them! Ideas: Starbucks, Chick Fil a, Amazon, their favorite clothing store, etc. 

Enneagram Ones can stress a lot. So give the gift of comfort with a weighted blanket. 

In addition to a planner, a wall calendar is perfect for an Enneagram One’s work space. It’s practical but also adds a bit of inspiration and decoration to their space! 

Going with the practical theme again here, consider asking your Enneagram One bestie what her favorite brand is for sweaters, and gift a high-quality and timeless sweater. J.Crew has a bunch of great options in reasonable price ranges. 

I mean I’m an enneagram one and I really want one of these, so that counts for something right? If your enneagram one pal loves beauty, consider purchasing something that can be used daily, rather than just a random makeup set or Christmas-themed makeup. Hair tools and makeup brushes are great and last longer than most makeup gifts do! 

Practicality for the win! Everyone needs a new pair of sneakers every year or so, and I tend to ask for a new pair every season! 

Enneagram One’s are perfectionists, so if they are anything like me they would love to have the most perfect cheese board at the party. These fancy cheese boards would make the perfect gift because they are thoughtful and still practical for your enneagram one friend

Practical!! If your enneagram one has an Apple Watch and phone, consider gifting a docking and charging station! These keep everything in order and make their bedside table look extra tidy. 

Enneagram One’s love classic and timeless style. These gold hoops match everything and are guaranteed to be a pleaser. Consider gifting classic, go with everything jewelry in their favorite jewelry finish (gold, silver, rose gold, etc!)


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