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I'm not gonna lie when I say that I spend way too much money at Target. I mean I think most people can agree on that. However, I have never been one to browse a whole lot in Target's pool and outdoor section. That is until Lonestar Southern shared this adorable new brand at Target, Sun Squad. I loved just about every item Kate shared, so I wanted to find some items for myself from the line. Target has tons of fun pool floats, beach towels, drink ware, and even a great sunscreen selection. I rounded up a few of my favorites from in-stores and online. Just click on an image to shop!

some of my fave items:

// The Striped Cabana Towels //

These come in a variety of colors and are such a great price! Even if you don't live anywhere near the beach (aka me), a big beach towel like this one can be great for suntanning by the pool. 

// Iridescent Drinkware //

Can I just take a minute to share how much I am OBSESSED with this entire iridescent drink ware line. I mean adorable right?? These plastic glasses and pitcher are perfect for poolside margs, frose, and even some yummy homemade lemonade. The majority of these items are out of stock online, but definitely check your local Target for availability. 

// Rosé float //

I am obsessed with any merchandise in the shape of rosé or champagne bottles. I mean that's just a given. Some themed and novelty item floats like these are ridiculously overpriced- but this one is at a reasonable $20

// glitter water bottle //

ADORABLE. I know I keep saying that but come on this is too cute. There is a clear/silver version as well as a teal version. Perfect to take on the go, have by the beach, workout with, and even just to keep your drink cool by the pool

// glitter floats //

Is glitter trending this season? I love these inter tubes. Definitely need to get my hands on some!

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