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I'm sure anyone that has access to a phone and follows at least one fashion blogger is aware that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is happening. Every year, bloggers flock to the stores to buy thousands of dollars worth of sale pieces to post on their blog. I totally understand where they are coming from- they want to show you the top picks, but the Nordy sale is a great opportunity to make an extra chunk of cash as a blogger. Using affiliate links and oversharing products, bloggers can use the N-sale as a great marketing and monetizing strategy. I always roll my eyes when a blogger posts about the N-sale, but honestly, there are some great pieces this year that I have seen other bloggers rave about, and I thought I would do some snoopin'. Now I'm not saying these are the best deals ever, but I want to show you pieces that generally wouldn't go on sale and that I would personally own if I had an unlimited amount of spending money on clothes. So let's get into- my Nordstrom Sale picks!

(also, some of these posts are affiliate links- just as I said, this is a great way for bloggers to make a little bit more cash. However, you clicking a link does not do anything to your purchase or your decision to purchase, just gives me an extra few cents or dollars!)

Let's roll with it...

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Many of the items I have linked are either sold out or are limited in color or size options. Right now is early cardholder access, so I'm thinking some items should be restocked when the sale goes public. If you are a Nordy cardholder, you have access to the sale RIGHT NOW- so go check out the deals and see if there is anything you want to snag before the sale opens up to the public on July 19. The full sale ends on August 5, but honestly most stuff is sold out before the public sale even begins so get on your shopping game as fast as you can!

In all honestly, I usually only buy one or two things from the Nordstrom sale each year. Two years ago, I bought two blouse for a decent price, and last year I bought a pair of super fun bright tennis shoes that have seen their better days since I wore them non-stop. In these picks, I'm really hoping to snag the color block sweater, the gray tennis shoes, and maybe that white sports bra. Oh and how can I forget the midi dress? I definitely think that's going to be my sorority formal dress for next spring (fingers crossed my size and color are still available come the 19!). Also, I think the beauty items are a steal and are fun to collect for Christmas presents or birthday gifts! There are also a ton more sets and collections that you should definitely check out- great sale items!

Nordstrom Sale Info here

Alright ladies, that's all for today. I totally get that the Nordstrom sale is incredibly annoying (especially because of the extensive blogger content), but if you can get away from the extra coverage, you can actually find some fun and cute clothing items for a great price. It's not the best sale in the world, but it's worth saving a couple extra bucks. What are you buying this sale (or have bought already you lucky cardholders!!)



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