Nauti stripes

Hello everyone!!

Today is an exciting day because I just launched #classicmail! Hopefully y'all saw my Instagram Story last night and signed up for the email! If not don't worry, as I plan on sending these out every Friday morning! To sign up, hit that subscribe picture button on the sidebar or bottom of page (depending on your browser). These emails will feature items I don't show on the blog (ok I'll admit this first email does show some repeat items but it's just because it's my first one!), giveaway info, promo codes, sale finds, and more. I'll also recap the week's blog posts, so it's a great resource for you as a reader. I hope you enjoy this new element of my blog, and if you have any tips to make it better please help ya girl out!

Anyways, today I wanted to share an outfit with items already found in my closet. I'm not the first to admit that sometimes I will buy a clothing item because I want to feature it on the blog. Sometimes my wallet isn't very happy with my habit to do that, so recently I have made an effort to shoot outfits with items I have either featured before or ones I have had in my closet for a while. This outfit is no different, as I am wearing two old J.Crew pieces, my white Jack Rogers, and a pair of earrings I received from one of my besties for my birthday. Sometimes in the blogging world I feel the need to show outfits with entirely new pieces, but I've realized that that is unrealistic with my blog budget and, personally, my own budget. So cue today's post. An example that sometimes putting together older pieces in a new way is the best thing to do!

A nautical outfit can be turned even more *nauti* by the lake! I shot these photos with a friend of mine after having coffee. The weather was perfect for photos and I enjoyed the view!

Shorts (old J.Crew) // Top (old J.Crew) // Shoes // Earrings

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully I've encouraged y'all to pull old pieces from your closet and not get caught up in purchasing everything you see your fave fashion bloggers buying! Also, my call to action for you today is to subscribe to my email list! Click the "never miss a post" photo button on the side bar (desktop browser) or at the bottom of the page (mobile browser). Thanks for reading!



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