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Happy Mother's Day to every mother (including my own) that reads my blog. I always feel that Mother's Day approaches so quickly and I nearly miss it each year. I guess holidays without a specific date (as in Christmas, New Year's, and July 4th) are easier for me to remember than ones without an exact date on every year's calendar. It's also hard to remember the holiday when the days of summer blur together. I'm currently trying to get into the summer swing of things, but it appears that my set summer routine probably won't be forming any time soon. I've been sleeping in, embarrassingly, until 11:00 each morning and lounging around the house watching Netflix. Throw in the mix some random summer adventures and babysitting, this summer seems to be a bit random at the moment. However, next week I am visiting my big in Florida and then in June I will be serving as an orientation leader at Furman so I'm excited that I will have a routine there. July will be the "concert" month, as I am going to Taylor Swift (can't contain my excitement on that one) and Charlie Puth (also super excited). Even though I feel like I will have a lot going on the rest of the summer, the days I don't have anything going on can feel long. I'm currently working on making a summer routine, but I need to figure out how to get up before 11:00 before I figure out a routine! 

Besides my difficulties swinging into summer, I also find it difficult to dress cute when I'm off school. Anyone else? However, this outfit is so simple and perfect for so many summer occasions that it almost seems easier to wear this ensemble than digging for a comfort colors tee and nike shorts (which has been my uniform since May 1st). I shot this look a couple weeks ago with Katie from Chic in Carolina. The outfit felt breezy and comfortable, and I definitely will be wearing this Carolina Clothing blouse on repeat this summer. 

I paired the pink top with white jeans, my white Jack Rogers, and this beaded tassel necklace that my roommate's sweet momma gave to me. I love how the necklace brings in multiple aspects of the outfit. It truly ties everything together, which is a big style tip I have for anyone struggling to piece something together: find one piece that has some similarity to the entire outfit and brings multiple aspects of the outfit together, such as a necklace, a pair of shoes, a shade of lipstick, etc. 

top // necklace (could not find the exact version) // jeans- GAP // shoes 

Do you have a summer routine nailed down? I know probably most of you aren't on summer break just yet, but do you try to get a set schedule once you are on break? (And do you have any advice for me to figure out my routine)

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